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Surely we Filipinos do love milk tea. And as we know, milk tea shops here in Cebu and even around the Philippines can be found almost everywhere. But the real question many has been asking is, what shop do really have good milk tea?   I have heard a lot of positive feedback about this milk tea shop
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We are now once more back in the quest of finding new Instagrammable cafes here in Cebu. Who would have even thought that even if there’s a pandemic going on, there would still be new Instagrammable spots that you can find in the metro? And one of that would be Tamp Cafe & Co. which we recently visited.
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It is the time of the year again where flowers and chocolates are in high demand. The season where love is celebrated, the Valentine’s Day. And as we soon approach Valentine’s Day, surely the idea of giving something to your loved ones will then kick in. And speaking of presents, we are sharing with you these unique and
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Surely the pandemic made many of us miss traveling to places we love the most. For some, it may be the mountains or it may be the beach. Time sure flies as it’s gonna be a year since Cebu has been first put into lockdown. And for the past few months, we have seen a bit of improvement
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From burgers, pasta, sweets, and pastries, we are now jumping to try something new that we haven’t tried before. Cebu City really does have a lot when it comes to food. From Filipino Cuisines to Thai, American, and others that you would know. But with the cuisines that I have mentioned, there’s also this one cuisine that I’ve
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Surely most of us have been really excited for Christmas. Most especially that Christmas is just around the corner when this blog will be published. With Christmas Season coming up soon also comes the ideas of what foods should we roll up on our tables. From the popular ones such as Jamon de Bola, Spaghetti, Queso de Bola
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