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As we start our adventures this 2020, we continue our quest in searching for new Instagrammable Cafes in Cebu City. While there are many cafes in the metro already, finding one should be easy! But in finding one, how the place looks should not be the only thing but the food should also highly be considered. Recently, we got the
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When we say Instagrammable spots, these does not only limit to beaches and resorts. Not even to malls and parks only. And if you’re someone like me who usually do Instagram most of the time, and don’t have that enough time to travel, choosing an Instagrammable Spot in the metro would be a great idea! I haven’t traveled so much
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Cebu surely got a lot of amazing places to go to. And with how fast the time surely flies, a lot of improvements and new businesses pop up from the different parts of the metro. These, include beautiful tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, and resorts which makes Cebu even more a good place for tourists all over the world to visit.
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Many Cebuanos do really have the heart for milk tea. And with the fast change of trends and innovations, finding a good milk tea can sometimes be confusing. There are many good milk tea stores around Cebu already, and recently, something premium just began bubbling around the metro! Introducing – BubbleZ. BubbleZ to start brewing in Cebu! The BubbleZ team
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We are now again in the quest of discovering something new not only for ourselves but something that we can share with our family and friends. And as the Christmas season highly approaches, finding a good place to enjoy and share good food is something that one should truly consider. Marble + Grain Steakhouse, one of bai Hotel’s 8 dining
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It has almost been a month since I knew that I made it to the finalists of Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2019. As mentioned in the blog that I have written a month ago, everything was so unexpected! Just imagine, among all the bloggers who have been blogging in the whole province of Cebu more than I do, having me
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