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With the ongoing situation that we are facing right now, going outside can be very not safe for everyone. And as we know, staying in our homes should be one of our utmost priorities in this time of the pandemic. But even if that’s the case, that wouldn’t limit us to enjoying great food from the comforts of
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I have always loved burgers since I was young and so as some of my friends. From those stand-up burgers like Burger Machine up to fancy ones, I am always up for it! Burgers from fast-food chains also come in line too with burgers from Jollibee and the chicken sandwiches from Mcdo and KFC. So when I got
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Cebuanos, or should I say Filipinos in general, have always been fond of food. May it be local foods or any cuisines, we surely are up on trying something many loves. And that includes buffet and the rise of much-unlimited dishes like chicken wings which are commonly around.  May it be on special occasions or any regular day.
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As we know, Cebu City and its neighboring cities have always been surprising us with the rise of Instagrammable cafes. A long way back when the pandemic was still nowhere to be found, there were a lot of them already. And with us staying at our homes during the entire quarantine, we come to discover that there are
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I have always had this emotional relation with blogging as it has been one of my routines way back when everything was still normal. And with the pandemic that has been running for quite some time now, I must say that blogging now and before for me has been challenging and quite different. It’s simply because I blog
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Saturday, 6 PM on IT Park Cebu – an evening when I met with two of my friends, Ella and Ken, to have dinner. IT Park surely is big. With many food establishments that can be found in IT Park, choosing where to eat wouldn’t be a problem. And now adding up to one of the best eating
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2 thoughts on “Smooth and Convenient Experience with Abaca Eats’ Virtual Food Hall”

  1. This is soooo cool! Maka mingaw bitaw jud ang ABACA ay. 🙁 If only I am able to savour these dishes as this time, malipay jud ko! But one thing that this pandemic has taught me, it is the value of resilience. Whatever happens, there will always be initiative for food and food production since FOOD is LIFE! Agree?

  2. In fairness to the ABACA group, nag hasil hard gyud sila in adapting to the new normal! Lahi ra ila food and from what I see maintain nila ang visual quality sa ila food brands.

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