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West 35
Cebu, right now as we face a pandemic that doesn’t have a certain cure yet, has been placed on quarantine. Not only Cebu but almost the entire country. Which means, many things have been placed in pause, unlike any regular day. These include people’s movement, mall openings, and even public transportation. This being said, what many need to
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It just suddenly happened in many countries in an instant. Who would have known that a virus named Corona Virus which started from China would reach our country? A virus that has been now a pandemic that doesn’t have a certain cure yet. In short, Corona Virus, COVID-19 for short, has started to infect many individuals now across
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The night was young when I together with some of my blogger friends were discussing how work and most activities do exhaust us. And with this, we thought of pampering ourselves and relax for a bit. So when I, Aldrin, Ella and Bethel we’re talking about it, getting a massage made it up to our list of options.
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As a content creator and as someone who does have the love for food, I always find it exciting when I try dishes new to my palate. Whether what type of food it is, as long as it brings excitement to me on our first encounter, it would surely leave a remark in my heart. As part of
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It is that time of the year again that we Filipinos take part in the Lenten Season. It is the season wherein we reflect in each one of our lives, and in how we individuals can grow closer to God. Lent, as said as well, is the time of spiritual preparation before the Easter season, just as Advent
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Birdseed Breakfast Club + Café
It was early in the morning when I was scrolling on my Instagram feed. As I kept scrolling, I stumbled on a photo that grasped my attention. It was a beautiful presentation of an eggs benedict! It was really pretty that really made me want it! And because of that, I immediately messaged most of my friends and
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4 thoughts on “A Day of Relaxation in West 35 Eco Mountain Resort”

  1. it’s been 2 months already since we visited there and it was a memorable trip because I really enjoyed the experience by disconnecting the online world and spending time with nature.. If this pandemic will be over, definitely will be a good idea to visit West 35 resort again soon in God’s time.. 💯💯🙏 great blog!!! i love it! ❤️

  2. I’m living for their food!! Their foods are so delicious and very affordable. And the view from their cafe is just so breathtaking ❤

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