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It’s gonna be four months now this coming 19th of September since I started my fitness journey. And as you would know, I also am doing a food account on Instagram, @chibugankini. Chibugan Kini is my food counterpart that features and do reviews of different food businesses, mostly startups, here in Cebu. And recently, I’ve been getting a
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September came in just so fast and it’s officially the start of the ber-months now. And for most of us as Filipinos, the start of ber-months means the start of the yuletide season! Though Christmas is celebrated mainly in December, it has been embedded to us that when the ber-months hit the calendars, it’s the start of the
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Last August 24, 2020, I opened a forum with my followers and friends on Instagram to ask me anything about my fitness journey. And if you have read my previous fitness blog, there might still be unanswered questions in your mind right now. So for today, I’ll be answering the questions that I got on Instagram to also
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Almost all of us have been doing different kinds of stuff to cope up with the quarantine. There are some who have been binge-watching movies and series. Some are taking care of plants. There are also folks who have been trying out foods from here to there, and many other things you would know. If you have read
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As I was browsing with the messages in my e-mail the other day, I stumbled in a folder where I saved the itineraries of my supposed travels this year. Those were the tickets that I booked last January where Cebu Pacific Seat Sales were oozing! Because yes, seat sale is life. These were the days where I got
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Cebu City being placed in quarantine for five months now and counting made us discover a lot of new things. Aside from staying and working at home, I also do some home workouts from time to time. I have also been trying out different foods from new startups and have been doing some food reviews at @chibugankini. This
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7 thoughts on “Handling Cheat Meals and Temptations while on Diet”

  1. I wish i have same problem. Mine is the opposite i dont have the appetite to eat a lot, my stomach got full so easily. Have swallowing problem too. I have some cravings but dont have energy and a lot of patience to cook food for myself. Iam 28 at 39 kilos. Anorexic . Though we already know the importance of proper and balance diet. Are behavior really affects our health. BYC C3

  2. Diet is one of the factors of gaining weight. In my own case, I can’t cut my usual meal because I need more energy because I use my brain to think more ideas and that’s why I need to eat a lot of carbs and a little sugary food for brain function. I never forget to take my daily low impact cardio exercise to eliminate some fats on my body hahahahaa. I think the discipline can help to maintain our body shape and weight without sacrificing our tummies and cravings. We can eat our favorite meals in moderation and don’t forget to move and stretch while working. This blog is so great! Good job!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Diet is the hardest part of losing weight. Hahaha. I always eat every three hours so intermittent fasting is very difficult for me. I really want to lose weight, and I think I need to give myself a good push to actually do it. Thank you for inspiring me to be healthy Marco!

  4. I have the experience, somehow, to be fit because I needed to. I used to play as a volleyball player representing our schools when I was still very, very, very young. Also, I was able to lose weight when I joined the ROTC as well as after graduating college. The call center life made me into eating again because of whatever reasons we can find, it’s good to eat at night when your body clock is struggling to be awake. I want to lose weight again but I don’t have the motivation. Probably, I will just find a reason to lose weight because family history is sort of a dash of “diabetes” and “hypertension”. Kidding aside, I want to lose weight so that I can also take off my shirt on Instagram. LOL!

  5. Slowly, I have been disciplining myself to limit my carb intake. Although I do not do intermittent fasting, I just make sure that I eat the right food (yes, I am pesco-vegetarian but I eat a lot of sweets, sodas and rice!) in the a day’s recommended caloric intake (for my body weight). These days, I am trying to get back on track – exercising but mostly, I do yoga and stretching in the morning. At least, I am starting small and hopefully, I could sustain it. Great and inspiring read, Marco!

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