As I was browsing with the messages in my e-mail the other day, I stumbled in a folder where I saved the itineraries of my supposed travels this year. Those were the tickets that I booked last January where Cebu Pacific Seat Sales were oozing! Because yes, seat sale is life. These were the days where I got Cebu Pacific’s notifications on Twitter turned on so I’ll be updated with these discounted fares.

Never did I know that the tickets that I got would just be for nothing this year. Who would have thought that a pandemic would come right? Well, there’s just actually four places that we’re supposed to visit this year so far. These are places that are very close to my heart that I’ve been wanting to visit and come back to.

2020’s Local Travel Plans


Siargao island belongs to the province of Surigao del Norte, situated at the north-eastern tip of Mindanao. Known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Siargao has attracted a lot of tourists not only from the Philippines but also across the country. The island not only limits itself to surfers but also to non-surfers as Siargao serves a lot of beautiful places that you can go to.


I have been to Siargao last year on a solo trip and I fell deeply in love with this island. Siargao is a very beautiful place and is indeed a perfect destination if you want to escape the bustling city. The island life here is just so good! That’s why I invited some of my friends to visit this island again with me supposed to be last April. But yes, no flights are in operation so this plan has been canceled.


I do have a blog about this on my solo trip last year. There I listed some of the beautiful and Instagram-worthy spots that you could visit in that write up.

Check it out here: The Misadventures of an Unexpected Solo Trip in Siargao


Bohol is one of the Philippines’ top tourist destinations. It is popular for its uncrowded islands, its pristine beaches, astonishing resorts, and its pride, Chocolate Hills. Aldrin and I actually planned on visiting Bohol last May. And yes we know, Bohol is just one boat away from Cebu that’s why this has been added to our travel plans due to its accessibility.


There are so many things to do in Bohol either land or water. I got to experience these activities that are popular for tourists coming to Bohol way back on my last 2 visits. One with my family, and one with friends. But those are the times that I don’t do any blogs yet but just purely Instagram.


That’s why I’ve been wanting to come back here not just to let Aldrin experience those kinds of stuff but also to have my self relax. Just imagine you lying on the beach beds while watching the sunset? That’s the goal supposed to be!


All the way to my hometown, Laguna. I got to book a ticket last January too for Manila around Php 1,500 for a roundtrip fare and that was a good steal! It’s two tickets for me for October for my sister’s 18th birthday and one for December which is Christmas. Though we haven’t reached these months yet, I do know that I still can’t go home because of the pandemic. And as for now, Laguna is even placed in quarantine back again so people outside can’t enter too.


I’ve been to Laguna countless times now since I’m originally from there. But I always wanna go back because there are just many beautiful spots to visit nearby. To be specific, my hometown is Binan Laguna which can be an entry to famous tourists destinations like Batangas, where it is known for its beaches and astonishing resorts. And also Tagaytay, that’s also popular because of its relaxing weather.


And of course, who wouldn’t want to visit Coron!? Like El Nido, Coron is part of Palawan Island. Known for its jaw-dropping limestone formations surrounded by unspoiled white beaches and multiple clear jade-green sweet water lakes in its center, this place is surely a goal for many of us.


Coron is actually our scheduled travel this December. It was supposed to be Aldrin’s birthday trip and I even booked a ticket to Coron from Cebu for only around Php 700! I didn’t even have second thoughts booking it as normal fares for Cebu to Coron ranges around Php 2,000. Indeed a very good deal! It was a one-way ticket though since going back was expensive so I had it pending. I’ve been looking forward for this trip before if not just because of COVID-19. And yes I know that it would still be on December, but I’m also certain that it’s not safe to travel yet so we’ll just have to postpone it too.


So that’s it! These are my travel plans for this year that I can’t attend because of the pandemic. And surely not only me but many of you guys too have plans that are canceled because of the situation. But that’s okay, as I mentioned earlier, it’s better to be safe than never.

How about you? Do you have trips that you can’t make it too this year because of COVID-19? Feel free to share it down below and let’s hear it out.

17 thoughts on “2020 Travel Plans that are canceled because of COVID-19”

  1. All these places are beautiful!! I honestly want to go back to Siargao and know what it feels like traveling there alone. I only went solo traveling in Manila because of creative stuff but here’s hoping I could solo travel in the future!

    I haven’t been to Palawan so I hope to be able to go there and hopefully visit someone I know there.

  2. Our trips for this year are canceled and we’re uncertainly sure that traveling is safe right now. I am looking forward to travel with you on the destinations that you mentioned. Yes, we have more plans in 2021 and excited also for our newest planned trips next year. Reading on this post realizes me that time flies so fast and I can’t wait to travel once gain with you and with our friends in God’s time. Love this! 😍😍😍

  3. I do have Coron in my place to visit in the future, too. Bohol is home to me, too, and I can’t wait to go back, too, soon.

    Supposed to go back to China last March to attend my niece’s first birthday, back to Carnaza Island in April for the annual fiesta, Hong Kong last May for a conference, and go home to Leyte for my dad’s birthday and annual fiesta tomorrow. The purpose of all these supposed trips I had to do virtually. Tomorrow, maki-fiesta virtual dinner ko sa amo through Skype. HAHAHA. BTW, I love your photos, Marco! 🙂

  4. We were also supposed to go to Siargao this first week of September but I guess that’ll be adjusted to later next time if the world permits. Hope the world heals already by then.

  5. hays, travel. the very reason nga ma sad ko these days, kay our travels will never be the same again for sure. i am looking forward to travel locally na puhon kung pwede na.

  6. I was also looking forward to spend a month in Siargao this year and yes, pandemic happened. But I hope that when everything goes well and fine, we could resume to traveling.

  7. I would definitely love to go to Siargao this year if the pandemic didn’t occur. But since the times never allow all of us, I guess I will just have it settle as plans for now. I also wanted to go to Palawan, Baguio, Vigan, and Pampanga. I was even scheduled to travel to Manila for some projects but were canceled because of Coronavirus. Bantayan Island would have been my destination of choice for summer since I was able to go and visit the place last 2011. I would love to go back and enjoy the place. So sad, though, that plans are all halted by this global health outbreak and I just wish we can all go back to traveling locally because I would prefer to having that instead of exploring overseas locations. But if I have the opportunity, South Korea would be my first out-of-the-country travel to see my friends whom I haven’t met for 11 years now.

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