With the ongoing situation that we are facing right now, going outside can be very not safe for everyone. And as we know, staying in our homes should be one of our utmost priorities in this time of the pandemic. But even if that’s the case, that wouldn’t limit us to enjoying great food from the comforts of our home. And today, let me take you with me to another food chronicle as we experience a feast of flavors from Abaca Eats.

What is Abaca Eats?

Abaca Eats is a virtual food hall where you get to savor dishes from multiple cuisines in just one click. Here, great finds from across all the restaurant brands of The Abaca Group awaits you. Not only that, but new brands of multiple cuisines are also coming their way!


As of the moment, not all the shops on their website is up yet. But don’t worry about what you can see in the meantime because these shops really have great food. I could attest to that as we have just experienced it recently and that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today.

So how do I get started?

Getting started is easy peasy!

  • Open your browser and head to abacaeats.com
  • Sign up for a free account using your email as you would need an account upon placing an order.
  • Choose from the available restaurants, Add to Cart and Check Out. The good thing about Abaca Eats is you can definitely choose different items from different shops and have it checked out at the same time. So you really have the chance to enjoy multiple cuisines delivered to your doorstep together.

The waiting time after placing an order would be around 30 minutes.

Payment Options: AbacaEats prefers going cashless. You may pay using any of your debit/credit card (VISA or MasterCard), or e-wallet (PayMaya).

Experience Abaca Eats from the comforts of your home

I was really looking to enjoy some great food amidst the pandemic. And I’m just so happy that we came to hear about Abaca Eats. Abaca Eats just recently launched its food hall. And as someone who has experienced it, I can assure you that it’s worth the go!


Abaca Eats opens by 11:00 AM (and closes by 9:59 PM), so I decided to get ourselves something for lunch. Choosing what to order was really the challenge because just looking at the restaurants and the menus available, you can already tell that everything is good! And for the final say, I went on getting three dishes from three different restaurants.

Adobo Addiction

Starting with one of Pinoy’s favorite dishes, Pork Adobo. This Pork Adobo can be ordered from Adobo Addiction and it’s also available in Chicken Adobo and Chicken & Pork Adobo. This Pork Adobo is made up of braised pork belly in soy garlic sauce, black pepper and bay leaf served with your choice of rice. It also comes with a piece of hard-boiled egg.


Their Pork Adobo’s serving was pretty big in person! It can really fill someone’s hungry stomach. And with the taste that you’re getting here, I suggest you order a cup of extra rice because it would really make you go for more. So if you’re someone who’s into Filipino cuisine, this would make a perfect choice for you!

Joe’s BBQ Ribs

Now, let’s go for some ribs gaming! It’s a fact that most of the people that I know do love Ribs. And if you’re also one, then you might want to consider giving this one a try. This Slab O’ribs Combo MealΒ from Joe’s BBQ Ribs is very big! I pretty felt too that one serving can be good for two people.


This slow-cooked baby back rib is slathered with their own tangy BBQ sauce produced from their kitchens. It is served with creamy coleslaw, french fries and a soft roll. It has a really strong flavor too that will linger in your mouth for some time. This would make a perfect pair with some bottles of beer.


Down to my favorite dish from this batch is this Chicken Satay from HWKR. HWKR showcases some of the fantastic flavors of Malay cuisine. So if you’re looking to getting some Malay cuisine-fix, HWKR is the place to be!


I super love that they were very generous with the amount of Chicken Satay sticks in this dish. The chicken was well marinated and I really felt the richness of the spices used in this dish. The experience was made more lovely with their coconut pandan rice and their special peanut sauce. MUST TRY! πŸ’―


This sums up my first-time experience with Abaca Eats. And I am just extremely excited about the upcoming shops from their virtual food hall that is soon to be launched! So what are you waiting for? Need not worry about going out now because you can now enjoy these treats just from your home with one click away.


Got questions about Abaca Eats? Check their FAQ here.

Visit their website now at www.abacaeats.com

15 thoughts on “Smooth and Convenient Experience with Abaca Eats’ Virtual Food Hall”

  1. This is soooo cool! Maka mingaw bitaw jud ang ABACA ay. πŸ™ If only I am able to savour these dishes as this time, malipay jud ko! But one thing that this pandemic has taught me, it is the value of resilience. Whatever happens, there will always be initiative for food and food production since FOOD is LIFE! Agree?

  2. In fairness to the ABACA group, nag hasil hard gyud sila in adapting to the new normal! Lahi ra ila food and from what I see maintain nila ang visual quality sa ila food brands.

  3. Chicken Satay looks super delicious! I really miss Cebu because of the unlimited food choices the city can offer. Thank you for sharing Marco. Maglaway lang sa ko during dapita. HAHAHA. πŸ™‚

  4. So many foods to choose from at Abaca Eats! My personal favorite is the Chicken Satay from HWKR because I really love Malaysian food too! Just a mixture of Chinese and Indian cuisine. Still looking forward to trying other food outlets from Abaca Eats. Love the blog! πŸ’― πŸ’― πŸ’―

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