W H O  I S  C H I B U A N O  K I N I ?

Marco Yambao is a content creator from Cebu, Philippines. His blog is dedicated to giving life to documents about his lifestyle as Chibuano Kini! Started from GEN Lifestyle as his first blog site which grew audiences around Cebu, he then personalized the website to www.chibuanokini.com to relate it to himself as a proud Cebuano. This mostly includes his latest travel adventures, events, food recommendations, places, and people in which images are usually presented through earthly and vibrant colors.

He has a lot of major interests in life including food, travel, and Instagrammable locations around the country. He’s also a proud member of Cebu Content Creators and one of the founders of an Instagram community called Grammer Session Cebu. Grammer Session Cebu is a community that seeks on giving way to aspiring and undiscovered social media creators yet in his region that mainly focuses on Instagram to be connected with their fellow creatives. In addition to that, he is now an addition to the talents of BAI Social, a premier talent agency in Visayas-Mindanao.

Marco of Chibuano Kini has spent the past 5 years as an independent individual while improving his career and connecting to people in the social media world. Now 24 years old, on the early age of 19 started living alone, he still manages to focus on inspiring people to be confident in their skills by showing it through writing and giving life to his photos in a lot of platforms such as this blog and on Instagram. In fact, Chibuano Kini has already collaborated with some of the local and international brands known in the country.

Collaborated Brands

Chibuano Kini

Marco has always chased what he loves doing from a young age. And with the help of those who are important to him, Chibuano Kini was made to be a voice and to be that image of strength to everyone that all of us are all creative and there will always be something unique within us.

For collaborations and inquiries, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] and let’s get started.