Congratulations! Your blog ( is a Finalist for Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2019 under Best Cebu Personal category.”

It has almost been a week since I received an email from Best Cebu Blogs Awards that I made it to the finalists under Best Cebu Personal Blog for this year. The feeling was very exciting and overflowing with happiness! Who would have thought that a newbie blogger like me in this industry could make it in the span of 8 months?

About Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA)

The Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA) is an annual Awarding Ceremony of Cebu-based Bloggers. It is the only and pioneering award-giving body that recognizes the existence of blogs and bloggers in Cebu’s blogosphere.

It acknowledges the existence and importance of Cebu Bloggers in the Visayas region and in the country. The Best Cebu Blogs Awards aims to acknowledge the finest blogs by our fellow Cebuanos and Cebu-based bloggers which are at par even with their foreign counterparts.

Best Cebu Blogs Awards is organized and handled by Blogger Volunteers headed by Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. Founder, Mark M. Monta. Judges for the Best Cebu Blogs Awards By Niches are changing every year. Some of them came from Manila, other regions of the Philippines and of course, a home-based judge here in Cebu.


The 12th Best Cebu Blogs Awards Ceremony will be hosted once and for all by the one and only Queen of Kitty Katkats, Alem Garcia. BCBA is set to happen this coming November 30, 2019 at Summit Galleria Cebu. All the winners from 8 different categories who will have the highest score based on the evaluation of this year’s judges will be acknowledged and take home some amazing prizes.

Each of the 8 Best Cebu Blogs by Niche Winners will receive:

  • A special and customized trophy of Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2019
  • Gift Certificates (from Sponsors and partners)
  • Tokens (from Sponsors)

How did I start blogging?

I could still remember the days when I started blogging, Chibuano Kini was not given a name yet and I don’t even have an idea of what niche should I put my focus in. The only thing that I know and what my heart really desired was, “I want to start blogging“.

Early of this year was the time I ventured my time on working on my personal blog and as the guy behind Chibuano Kini. Started from being a very active creative on Instagram, I then entered blogging from scratch with the help of those people that surrounds me.

Chibuano Kini comes from three different words. “chinito” + “Cebuano” + “kini“. The Visayan term “kini” means “this“, translating the whole name itself to “This is Chinito Cebuano”. This mostly includes my latest travel adventures, events, food recommendations, places, and people.

I must say that Chibuano Kini really opened a lot of opportunities for me as a newbie in this industry. Because of Chibuano Kini, I have met a lot of different and amazing personalities, learned how to be more confident and not to be afraid on asking. And being the man behind this name, I surely have experienced a lot of “first times” this year.

Part of my blogging journey as well was joining Cebu Content Creators. Cebu Content Creators (C3) is a community of content creators here in Cebu. Name it, bloggers, vloggers and social media creators. Cebu Content Creators also paved way for me to be connected with brands, and also improve and hone more my knowledge about blogging.

Reaction when I knew I’ll be part of this year’s run for BCBA

I first heard of BCBA before because of my friends from the blogging community. I was actually reading a lot about it earlier of this year hoping that maybe someday or years from now, I could be part of it. So when I received the email that I made it to the finalists for Best Cebu Personal Blog, I was so shocked!


I never knew that there will be people who would nominate me since I only started blogging this year. All of it was very unexpected! That’s why right now, what I feel is so much excitement as the day of BCBA 2019 highly approaches. Making it to the finalists for this year is already a great achievement. Win or lose for this year’s run, I would always be forever grateful to God, to my mentors, and to all my readers and friends who have supported me along the way.

For more information about #BCBA2019, feel free to check out their website at

In addition, you can also follow and get some updates from their Social Media: Twitter/ Instagram: @bcbawards and Facebook: @bestcebublogs.






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  1. Congrats, dae!! I listened to the podcast where you were the guest and I’m starting to love blogging. Especially I’m planning to go back to journaling starting in January. 😍

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