Ato Kini! A bisaya phrase which means, “this is for us!”. This is for everyone who has supported Chibuano Kini and Chibugan Kini throughout the years. This is for all the national and local brands who trusted us in the past three years. And this is for all Cebu Local Businesses who supported and who believed in what we do. Once and for all, WE made it to Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2022!

A Celebration of Food and Creativity!

I started as a content creator way back in 2019. Back then, I didn’t have a lot of bullets with me on what I should do as a “content creator”. All I knew back then is I just have to post and post. But as I bloom into someone behind the name Chibuano Kini, I met a lot of creative minds along the way. I started going to events, joined a blogging organization, and had myself attend a number of learning sessions.

To be honest, Chibuano Kini started with no specific niche on it. It talks about different topics circulating around travel, lifestyle, events, and food. And there comes the pandemic! When the pandemic started, all of us were in lockdown and the choice only during that time was to stay at home.

As the lockdown happened, there comes the birth of “Chibugan Kini“, a platform on which Chibuano Kini dedicates all its creativity to food, and only food. It opened a way for Chibuano Kini to know what it really desires and it was food!

When the pandemic happened, if you remember, we didn’t have a choice but to stay at our homes. During that time, people’s movements have been stopped and the only way to enjoy some good food is either to make one or to order online. It was the peak era of a lot of Cebuano Local Businesses as well that graced us with their creativity when it comes to food.

During the pandemic, Chibugan Kini of Chibuano Kini made its way to the Cebuano Foodie Market. We started working, supporting, and featuring local food brands with our fellow Cebuanos. It was our way back then to be a bridge that connects businesses to consumers. And as we come back now to the new normal, we continue to be better.

That’s why for this year’s Best Cebu Blogs Awards, I dedicate this nomination to all Cebu Local Businesses who believed in my capabilities as a content creator. Thus, Ato Kini!

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Best Cebu Blogs Awards

The Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA) is an annual Awarding Ceremony of Cebu-based Bloggers. It is the only pioneering award-giving body that recognizes the existence of blogs and bloggers in Cebu’s blogosphere.

It acknowledges the existence and importance of Cebu Bloggers in the Visayas region and in the country. The Best Cebu Blogs Awards aims to acknowledge the finest blogs by our fellow Cebuanos and Cebu-based bloggers which are at par even with their foreign counterparts.

Best Cebu Blogs Awards is organized and handled by Blogger Volunteers headed by Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. Founder, Mark M. Monta. Judges for the Best Cebu Blogs Awards By Niches are changing every year. Some of them come from Manila, other regions of the Philippines, and of course, a home-based judge here in Cebu.

Best Cebu Blogs Awards’ Night will take place this December 3, 2022, at Holiday Inn Cebu City, the awarding body’s Co-Presenter for this year’s installation. Special mention to the following sponsors as well because without these sponsors, this event would not be possible.

Once and for all, Daghang Salamat mga ka-Chibuanos and ka-Chibugan. Ato Kini!

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