When we say beautiful and Instagrammable cafés, Cebu really does have a lot to offer. From minimalist cafes up to the most colorful ones, there are really a lot. So when my friend, Hygeia, actually messaged me to talk about stuff since we haven’t met for quite some time now, I then thought of a café where we should catch up. Then Bicester Café came up to my mind.

Discovering Bicester Café

This is actually not my first time to be in Bicester Café. I remember the first time I was here was when Bicester Café was still new to the public. Not really sure with the date as to when they opened but I can recall it was around September of 2017 when we first visited this café.


Bicester Café, pronounced as BIST•UH or BISS-tər, was named by the owner because of her love and inspiration for Bicester Village which is known to be an outlet shopping hub on the outskirts of Bicester in Oxfordshire, England. This café serves many options from breakfast, coffee, pasta and up to wide selections of pastries.

Reasons why I always come back at Bicester Cafe

Bicester Cafe never gets old. To think that this is not my second time, not even the third in this cafe. I have actually been coming back here once in a while. So when I knew I’ll be back here again, I already knew what to order and what to expect. Below are some of the reasons why Bicester Cafe would always be one of the places I would consider to be back from time to time.

1. Ambiance 

Bicester Café can get very relaxing or not, depending on the time of your visit and also depending on the customers present. But if we talk about the overall ambiance here, Bicester Café really is good! The wallpapers are really nice and very unique. And with how the color of the wall was muted, it really is relaxing to the eyes of everyone.


I personally think that the choice of ornaments, lamps, and chairs was also good! It’s simple but elegant. The design of the floor as well is very unique and not a thing that you would normally see in most coffee shops in the metro.


Having this said, Bicester Café is very Instagrammable too! You could really take a lot of good photos in every corner. They also have a wall near the cashier with red neon lights which I find really artsy!

Got this photo during my first visit last 2017.

2. Service

Customer service is really important for me and I believe it also goes the same with everyone. Like who wouldn’t want to be treated well, right? I have been here numerous times and I could really say that their staffs are very friendly and very attentive! The foods and drinks don’t take too long to be served too which is good.

3. Foods + Drinks (Review)

As mentioned earlier, Bicester Café does have many options when it comes to food. So in here, I would just list down some of the foods that I and Hygeia recently. (Will try to add more recommendations from time to time)

The prices are not that expensive too so need not to worry!

Value for money: 10/10

Iced Latte

I am really a coffee person so when it comes to coffee, I’m really picky. Their Iced Latte was good. It’s just that I think it really has much ice on it (or maybe just recently) covering the taste of the coffee itself already. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it! 8/10.


Aside from this, they also have brewed coffee available which is unlimited for only Php 100. So if you’re looking for a café that offers unlimited coffee, then you already know where to go.


Don’t have any words for this. The carbonara was superb! The serving was even very big (could be good for sharing). It was creamy and it very mouth-watering. We always order this every time we’re here. 10/10


Chicken Tapa Rice

Their chicken tapa rice consists of chicken strips with a poached egg and a choice of plain or garlic rice. Hygeia was the one who ordered this with our recent visit and had a spoon of this dish. The tapa is good and tender. It also blends well with the vinegar and much more paired with the egg and rice. 10/10.


Carbonara Rice

Have you already tried a Carbonara Rice? This might sound weird but it tastes good! Bicester Cafe surely took it up to the next level with this Carbonara Rice. If you’re wondering how do this tastes like, then you should probably give it a try! The taste was creamy, and the rice just blended well with the Carbonara flavor. 7/10.


For other options, you can refer to the photo below.


Location: Mahogany Arcade, Pope John Paul II Ave., Kasambagan, Mabolo (2.13 mi)
Cebu City 6000

Operating Hours: Daily from 7:00 AM10:00 PM

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments down below if you do have questions. 🙂 Or you can also directly message Bicester Cafe on their official Facebook Page or Instagram @bicestercafe.

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  1. I tasted the carbonara rice.. it was so good! Yes, I agree that bicester is one of the best instagrammable cafes here in Cebu. I want to visit their with my fave person! ❤️ Good to read this blog! 🥰🙌🏻

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