There has been a lot of things that have been stapled down to our culture since the old era up until the present – coffee. Coffee existed in our lives even before my existence. Started with milk as a child, we then jump into drinking cereal and chocolate drinks as we grow up. Part of getting old, we then dive into the idea of having a cup of coffee that has made our daily lives even better. There might be some people who are not into coffee, but there are a lot of people out there who also does like me.

As part of today’s generation where we have become busier than we have always been, stress has started to be our partner at some points. To name it, at work or even just at home. As for me, since I started getting a job, coffee has helped me fight with it and overcome it. Many people would say “don’t drink coffee when you’re stressed” or “don’t drink coffee, it will get you old”. A lot of superstitions have lived up to some but it’s just a matter of how coffee touches you.

Coffee is a beverage with a lot of potential and diversity, so to start getting into it, you must choose the right place to be in. First things first, if you want the perfect cup of coffee, you have to start with shops who got good beans. I tried a lot of coffee shops in Cebu City and I have to say that there were bad and there were a lot of good too! Upon searching for new coffee shops, I got in touch with Coffeeteria to actually try their cup.

Discovering Coffeeteria 

Located at the 2nd floor of North Agora Building in Minoza Street, Cebu City is one of the newest coffee shops that brings out the best aroma of their beans – Coffeeteria. Open daily around the afternoon until the evening, Coffeeteria continues to guarantee their customers the satisfaction and the relaxing vibes that they are looking for.

Coffeeteria actually uses Brazilian beans in brewing their coffee. If you are that person who is very detailed about coffee and stuff, you must surely consider this out since they are that coffee shop that carefully prepares your cup of coffee before serving it to you.



Coffeeteria would be a good place for all ages.  Despite specializing in coffee, they still have a wide range of food choices and other beverages that you can choose from. They do have fries, sandwiches, chicken nuggets and even pasta! And for Matcha lovers out there, they do offer a smooth and soothing Matcha drink as well. In fact, the first time I went to Coffeeteria, I got to try some of their foods and it was good! Servings are big and worth the price. Also, don’t miss out their white cold brew! So good!








Aside from sipping a cup of coffee and indulging with their amazing snacks, you could also grab some of their merchandises for a very afforable price. Coffeeteria do sell some reusable stuffs that you can use on your daily consumption. Like instead of using plastic straws when buying milk tea, juices, or iced coffee, why not use metal straws? If we’re talking about drinking your own kind of drink, why not use collapsible cups, which they also have, instead of plastic bottles and cups? Coffeeteria will surely have something useful for you or if not, you could also use it as gift! Feel free to browse at or see it when you do have the time to drop by their shop.



Learning to brew with Coffeeteria

Coming into Coffeeteria on my first time was indeed a great one! I was able to try some of their foods and even made some friends. The time we visited Coffeeteria with some of Cebu’s bloggers, we were taught about some interesting facts about coffee.  In fact, I just even knew what macchiato really means. Until then, I only knew that it was just a flavor because some coffee shops served macchiato not like the way I saw it being made in front of my eyes.


In Italian, macchiato means “stained”. So literally, when we say macchiato, it should be stained coffee. You grind the beans, brew the coffee and stain it with milk on top of it. That’s how macchiato is made!

Making espresso through their coffee machine was our first lesson. At first, I was hesitant to volunteer into making one but when I got my hands on, it was amazing! I felt like I was a barista in an instant! Next in line, we were then taught how steaming the milk should be properly done. One must be careful in doing this procedure since one mistake could ruin the outcome of what needs to be done. IMG_7351

Latte Art Lesson

Espresso also has an effect on making your latte art. If it’s not perfectly made, then the espresso won’t work well with steamed milk. In making a cup of latte, milk would be the key ingredient and it’s important to have access to fresh milk if you want to serve a good one.



Watching the baristas do it every time I visit coffee shops, it always seems to look so easy. But when I got my time already to do it, I did have a hard time. Making a good latte art cannot be mastered real quick but really requires patience, focus and control. I did not even form any art when I poured the milk on my espresso. It looked nothing and just a view of foam. Lol.


It was to my joy that I had the opportunity to learn a lot from Coffeeteria. And good news! For those who are wanting to learn and have the same experience as us, Coffeeteria is now open for brewing classes every now and then. Feel the life of being a barista and start now! What are you waiting for?

Join Coffeeteria for three hours and savor a new experience of making a cup of happiness for you.

Early Bird Price until July 31, 2019 would only be for Php 999.00
Regular Price is for Php 1,500.00

What to learn?
  • Learn the basics of coffee from choosing the right beans to making your own coffee
  • Know the best practices in crafting espresso
  • Have hands-on experience in pulling your own espresso shots and frothing milk
  • Get creative and be competitive with your friends in concocting your own latte art

Link is provided below for those who are interested to join: or you can message them if you have other questions on their official Instagram account @coffeeteriaph.


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  1. I’m from Talamban but haven’t been to this place yet. Will drop by tomorrow haha thanks for this Marco!

  2. OMG. I need to enroll myself asap! haha been dreaming to know how it feels making coffee for others <3

  3. Just saw this blog. How I wish I was aware of the promotion for the coffee making lesson lol.. Been wanting to join haha

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