Many Cebuanos do really have the heart for milk tea. And with the fast change of trends and innovations, finding a good milk tea can sometimes be confusing. There are many good milk tea stores around Cebu already, and recently, something premium just began bubbling around the metro! Introducing – BubbleZ.

BubbleZ to start brewing in Cebu!

The BubbleZ team prides themselves in preserving and maintaining their own tea garden in Taiwan, hence the high quality and authentic flavors of its milk tea. It is with pride and honor that they have brought these premium teas to Cebu for all Cebuanos to enjoy.

Last December 13, 2019, BubbleZ officially opened its doors to Cebuanos through its first branch located at the Lifestyle Capital of Cebu, IL Corso LifeMall.



It was an afternoon filled with good cheers and celebration when the BubbleZ grand launch was opened with a blessing and was followed by a traditional Dragon and Lion Dance to symbolize good luck and prosperity.


Guests were then welcomed by Mr. Alfred Chan, President of BubbleZ Cebu. Its founder and CEO, Mr. Jhin Wei Wu, also expressed his happiness now that the brand is finally here in Cebu and Cebuanos now get to taste premium Taichung milk tea as they aim to challenge the tea industry, especially in Cebu, and tea drinkers to embrace premium teas – boba drinks with a cleaner and fresher taste that’s made from top-of-the-line ingredients.



Milk Tea Day with Cebu’s Top Content Creators

A Tea Ceremony and Milk Tea Parade were also done during the opening to mark the festivities and it was joined by distinguished guests and Cebu’s top content creators, bloggers, and vloggers such as Ronah Frances, Sinjin Pineda, Aldrin Jake Suan, Patty Taboada, Ching Sadaya, Issa Perez, Alem Garcia, Sarah D., David Wilde X, and a lot more. And of course mga ka-Chibuano, it was to my heartfelt gratitude that we were also invited during the event! πŸ₯°β€οΈ



Bursting Milk Tea Flavors at BubbleZ

BubbleZ takes pride in its premium milk tea flavors and listed below are flavors that you must and you might wanna give a try!

● Lemon Smoothie with Fermented Tea
● Pearl Milk Tea
● Fresh Mango Smoothie
● Yakult Yogurt Green Tea
● Au Lait with Sea Salt
● Fresh Fruit Tea

What was my favorite?

Among many milk tea flavors that were served during the event, one really did stand out. I must say that it would be their Brown Sugar Milk Tea! It just happened that it really tastes different. Something that even I haven’t tasted yet among the opened milk tea stores in Cebu. Give it a try guys! So good! πŸ˜πŸ’―πŸ™Œ



Price Range: Php 100 – Php 150 only

Aside from their set of milk tea which serves really good, this place surely is very Instagram-worthy!! So what are you waiting for? Tag your milk tea buddies now and get to try the newest premium milk tea in the metro!

Enjoy mga ka-Chibuano! ❀️


Location: GF of IL Corso Mall

⏰ Operating Hours
Monday to Friday: 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM

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