Cebu does have a lot of cafes that you can find anywhere. All serve coffee, pastries, and other delicacies. I have been to a lot of cafes in Cebu already and I can really say that each of them has their own touch of flavor.

Ever heard of a Christian Café? Check this blog out.


In the busy streets of the first class highly urbanized city in the island province of Cebu, Mandaue City, you can find Candiez Café. Candiez Café is a Christian café and is indeed the very first one of its kind in Cebu. Opened its doors to the public last September 1, 2017, Candiez Café continues to serve every locals and foreigner who comes by with their wide range of foods and beverages that you can choose from.

Getting to Candiez Café

Candiez Café is not that so hard to find. Located at North Park Building, U.N. Avenue Mandaue City, you can find this amazing café. The building shares the same parking spaces with Maayo Hotel. But if you’re not familiar with Mandaue city and driving on your own, you can just use google maps and it would lead you there.

Coming from Cebu City, there are other means of transportation as well going to Candiez Café. You could take MyBus from SM Cebu and drop off in Maayo Hotel and it’s a 3-5 minute walk from there. If you don’t feel like taking the bus, then you could take a taxi or book a Grab.

Discovering Candiez Café

I came here due to the curiosity that I had because of all the reviews that I saw from TripAdvisor about this café. I also heard a lot of good feedback from my friends who have been here and who have been coming back to this place as well.

I went to Candiez Café around 2 PM in the afternoon together with my friends. The road was smooth and was traffic-free on our way there. It might get traffic during late afternoon until evening, so the best time I think that you come there will be around breakfast, as they serve breakfast menus too, to lunch. You could also try visiting the cafe in the evening for dinner if you want.


Unlike other cafés in the metro, there were several things that I liked about Candiez. The interiors of this café were so cute! I loved how vibrant the choice of colors are very pleasant to the eyes as well.

The price list of their menu was affordable too! Not much like the other cafés that goes high so much more on prices. I am indeed a testimony that the money that you’re spending here is worthy.  Their internet connection here is amazing too! Wifi scores 9/10.

All Day Breakfast

Candiez Café opens as early as 9:00 AM and closes by 9:00 PM.

For breakfast, you could choose a lot of silog options from their menu and pair it with a cup of coffee to wake you up. During our visit, we had three different foods on our tables which all tasted so good!

  • Homemade Beef Tapa
  • Sugbo’s Best Spicy Chorizo
  • Homemade Tocino

Homemade Beef Tapa
Their Homemade Beef Tapa was amazing! Most of the Beef Tapas that I have tried in Cebu was kinda hard so I was amazed at how they prepared this one. It was juicy and was very tender!


Sugbo’s Best Spicy Chorizo
If you’re the type of person who loves to eat spicy foods, this one is a great find for breakfast for you. Feel the spiciness with every bite with their Sugbo’s Best Spicy Chorizo.


Homemade Tocino 
Considering that I have always been a fan of eating Tocino for breakfast since I was a kid, I was looking forward that this Tocino won’t disappoint me, and it never did! Their homemade Tocino was so juicy and was so good!

Pork Tocino

Candiez Cafe not only limits to breakfast options but to a lot more. Lunch would also be a perfect time to drop by if you’re looking for something good with a new element of flavor to eat.

Lunchie Eats

There were three options of rice meals for their lunch. For as low as Php 150.00, you can already full your stomach with their signature Alexei’s Pesto Pork Chop which we got during our visit. Other than their pork chop, with the same amount, you could also order either Chicken Fillet & Chips or Fish Fillet & Chips.

Alexei’s Pesto Pork Chop
Their Pesto Pork Chop was lit! 10/10. It tasted so good and you can really tell that there’s a secret recipe behind this pork chop. It was so tender and it was served with butter which adds more flavor to the pork. It also comes with their signature sauce. Must have for lunch!



If you don’t want to eat rice for lunch, you could also consider their sandwiches. Their sandwiches are so loaded enough to make you so full. They have five choices of sandwich that you can choose from:

  • Tyrell’s Tuna Melt
  • Chicken Melt Sandwich
  • Frankfurter Sandwich (shown below)
  • Candiez Clubhouse Sandwich
  • Hungarian Sandwich


Special Pasta

Their set of pasta was the real game! All the pasta were amazing and were surprising. I was excited to try their pasta since some of these are something I haven’t tried yet.

Pinoy Spaghetti
The moment I saw this from the menu, I was not really expecting something for this since I have tried a lot of spaghetti from different restaurants and has always been disappointed. But this was surprising! It was superb. Their spaghetti brought me back home and made me remember my childhood. It’s one of the best spaghetti that I have tried among the cafés that I have visited so far.


Spicy Spanish Sardines Pasta
This pasta brought me back to the 8 Year Old me. The last time that I have tried this was when I was still a kid. My father used to cook this one for us. First time to encounter this pasta in a cafe! Great job to Candiez.

Sardines Pasta

Spicy Salted Egg Pasta
Candiez Cafe is the first ever cafe that serves Salted Egg Pasta. It was amazing! It might sound weird because of the salted egg but I tell you, it was perfectly balanced together with the other ingredients in this pasta. Must try!

Salted Egg

Their carbonara is super delicious. I don’t have any words for this. MUST TRY!


Spicy Chorizo Pasta
Last but not the least is their spicy chorizo pasta. Most likely similar to the Pinoy Spaghetti, but this one gives you a different twist too! Top with spicy chorizo with their signature sauce, feel the spiciness and sweetness bursting through your mouth!

Spicy Chorizo Pasta

Smoothies Fresh Fruits and Frappiez

The smoothies and frappiez in this cafe were perfect! You could really feel the flavors bursting through your mouth and would make yourself wanting for more! Price ranges from Php150.00 to Php170.00 only, depending on the flavor that you want. My favorite was the Sweet Mango Smoothie.


Coffee and Tea

Green Tea Latte
If you’re looking for something soothing to drink, their Green Tea Latte is perfect! Available in hot and iced.

Matcha Latte

Iced Coffee Latte
Perfect for all types of weather let it be hot or cold weather, choose your drink from their different variants of coffee. During our visit, I got to try their Iced Coffee Latte and it was good! So relaxing.


Overall Experience

Our tummies were all full so we decided not to have any desserts anymore. Candiez Cafe also got desserts that you can choose from. I believe they have brownies, cookies and cake too! Just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Overall experience with this cafe is 10/10. From the ambiance, the Wifi, the price, the interiors and the foods, everything was awesome.

During our visit here, I also got the privilege to meet the successful woman behind this cafe. Her name was Miss Candy. She was very sweet, very humble and very welcoming! She’s actually in the cafe most of the time so you might want to say hi if you bump into her sometime during your visit.

Miss Candy

For more updates, you can get in touch with Candiez Cafe on Facebook or Instagram. Details below:

FacebookCandiez Cafè
Instagram: @candiezcafe
Email: [email protected]

Operating Hours: 
Monday – Saturday | 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Close on Sundays

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