It has almost been a month since I knew that I made it to the finalists of Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2019. As mentioned in the blog that I have written a month ago, everything was so unexpected! Just imagine, among all the bloggers who have been blogging in the whole province of Cebu more than I do, having me making it to the finalists was so shocking! (Of course, I was happy about it though.)

For those who don’t know, the Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA) is an annual Awarding Ceremony of Cebu-based Bloggers. It is the only and pioneering award-giving body that recognizes the existence of blogs and bloggers in Cebu’s blogosphere.

Knowing that this is a very prestigious event, I surely did a lot of preparations and planning as to how I would represent myself on the night that this awarding would take place. For some who have been coming back numerous times to BCBA, this event might not be that exciting anymore. But for me, given that I’m a first-timer, I really was so excited and was really looking forward to it since the day I knew I was a finalist!

Road to BCBA 2019

I am one of the finalists for the Best Cebu Personal Blog category. As the man behind Chibuano Kini, I do lifestyle blogs. This covers a lot of categories including my travel adventures, food recommendations, reviews, Instagrammable locations, latest events, and people.


Chibuano Kini is more than just a blog for me. It’s about connecting to everyone with the culture that I have grown up to as a Cebuano. That’s why, if you have been reading some of my blogs from before, you would notice how I start my blogs would always be how most of us grew up as a Filipino.

Preparation for BCBA 2019

Bringing Chibuano Kini to BCBA 2019 for me caught up a lot of time and effort in preparing and planning. It’s simply because I want to present our brand at it’s finest in this event. So now mga ka-chibuano, let me tell you the details behind what we wore during the recent Best Cebu Blogs Awards that happened last November 30, 2019.

The Choice of Color

Thinking of what to wear for BCBA 2019 was not that quick to decide. In fact, I really have many colors and outfit ideas in mind. The first plan was to really wear orange. But I really had a hard time looking for one (hays). So I decided to switch up on my next option.


The theme was to only wear semi-formal attire. But I wanted to step up for this look and decided to wear a full-colored red tuxedo and pants. Red represents many things And for me this time, red represents passion. It also represents my burning desire and determination to really make it to the top! I also thought that red would really be a great color to stand out among the crowd.

The Choice of Accessories

Not bringing something can sometimes be boring. So to add an element to how I would look like during the awards night, I decided to bring a small bag to also put some of my things on. During the planning phase, I was thinking of bringing 2 kinds of bags. It would either be a transparent bag or a leather bag. But as I was thinking about it, either of the two doesn’t match our brand as Chibuano Kini.

Upon watching stories on my Instagram, I happen to stumble on a local brand who was advertising its newly launched product. They were selling a straw belt bag that you can’t really see around. So when I first saw it in the photo, I was really interested!! And in fact, I have always been supportive of local startups and small businesses. That’s why a day after which I saw the product itself, I decided to buy it right away! ❤️


The main bag itself was made out of straw. And it also has a detachable brown leather belt. So if you want to only carry it or wear it with the belt, you can do so.

And to add another element to the bag, I have attached a puso keychain which I bought from a local business on a bazaar that I went to months ago. Our logo, puso (hanging rice), is a popular staple food in Cebu. And I have chosen this logo, together with Aldrin, to let people remember Chibuano Kini every time they would see and eat puso.


For the shoes, many would choose to wear a tic tac toe shoes. But for me, I want it different. I want it unique. That’s why I chose to wear sneakers to level it up. I have also noticed a lot of celebrities from galas doing the same actually.😅

Not taking home the bacon pushes Chibuano Kini to be bolder on 2020

I know my story, I know my efforts. I surely did have high hopes during the awarding that I might possibly get the award. Unfortunately, I was not called but the other name around. But I couldn’t still deny the fact that there was this hope in me that my name will be called. Maybe it was not my time yet. Maybe I deserve it the next time around.

But anyway, with this, I’m still grateful though that I did make it to BCBA 2019. And being a finalist for this year’s run, as what I have mentioned before, is already an achievement! This now makes a motivation that we should continue to be better and improve more on what we are doing. What important is we were able to share happiness and inspire other people through our writing! ❤️


Sa sunod napud mga Ka-Chibuano! Laban lang!


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