Cebu City really does have a lot of coffee shops. From the popular ones such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and many that you would know, and down to many newly opened coffee shops in the metro, spotting one should really be easy. As a content creator, and as someone who deeply cares about his Instagram (haha), a cafe with good lighting is really a must.

When I say good lighting, it would be preferably cafes which have natural lighting. Because who knows, you might be visiting that cafe on your best OOTD and want to take a shot and post it in your social media right?

If you have read my 2019 year-ender blog about Instagrammable Cafes in Cebu City, you would notice that it focuses more on the cafes that you can find in the city. Simply because I haven’t really traveled North or South most of the time. Recently, Aldrin invited me to visit this cafe somewhere in the South of Cebu – Coffee Project.

Coffee Project Cebu

Discovering Coffee Project in Talisay, Cebu

Coffee Project in Talisay, Cebu has opened a few years back. I’m not really certain as to when, but probably two years ago or three. The name was not new to me since I have been passing at this coffee shop several times already whenever I go South but never did have the time to drop by.

Coffee Project in Cebu is not the only one of its name. I heard from my friends who are really more into artsy cafes that the one in Manila has been known to be part of the most beautiful cafes around the world. So when Aldrin invited me for a coffee and visit Coffee Project (Cebu), and knowing the name with that background, I then said yes! Who knows, maybe the one in Cebu also is beautiful!

Coffee Project at a glance

The moment I stepped inside Coffee Project, I was in awe! I was welcomed with a very good ambiance, and an interior full of beautiful ornaments! It felt amazing and surprising! It was actually a first for me to see a coffee shop like this. There were artificial trees which look so real and a lot of beautiful artificial flowers!

Coffee Project CebuCoffee Project CebuCoffee Project CebuCoffee Project Cebu

And not only that, every side of Coffee Project is surely Instagrammable! Not only the trees but also with how modern plus a touch of kinda tropical this coffee shop really serves! And since we visited around 10:00 AM, there weren’t many people around so I surely took photos!

Coffee Project CebuCoffee Project CebuCoffee Project CebuCoffee Project CebuCoffee Project Cebu

Coffee Project’s lighting may not be natural but it really is so beautiful! Though there are some spots near the entrance that can be reached by the sunlight though so laban lang! 😂

Coffee Project Cebu

And of course, we came there not only for the photos but also for a coffee. Haha. I just ordered a cafe latte since I was really full and just need to relax. Aldrin also ordered a chocolate delight to pair up with his hot chocolate. The coffee was good! I would give it an 8/10.

Coffee Project Cebu

Price Range: Php 150 – Php 350 (for foods and drinks)

Also, if you are looking to try some of their selection of pasta and sandwiches, you can refer to the photo below. Too bad, I just ate breakfast before going here. So probably next time, I’ll try to order one and do a review about it if it’s good or not. 😉

Coffee Project Cebu

Coffee Project Merchandises

If you do plan on buying some coffee beans, Coffee Project also sells one. And aside from coffee beans, if you’re looking to buy some treat for your kids or for yourself, they also have cute thumblers available in Mickey Mouse designs.

Coffee Project CebuCoffee Project CebuCoffee Project CebuCoffee Project CebuCoffee Project Cebu

Alright! That ends my visit to Coffee Project. And if you’re asking if they have WiFi and outlets for laptops or other electronic gadgets, yes they do!

Have you already visited Coffee Project? If yes, comment down your thoughts about it or food that you would recommend for us to try. 😍

Location: Starmall, Azienda, Talisay, Cebu

Operating Hours:
Sundays to Thursdays: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Fridays and Saturdays: 7:00 AM to 12:00 MN

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