Coffee shops in Metro Cebu can now be easily found. Anybody who wants to enjoy a sip of coffee can now have easy access whenever they want. With coffee shops scattered across the city, one could wonder what would be something new they could try. As the quest continues to discover more coffee shops that offer a good one, we found Coffiquor.

Discovering Coffiquor

Coffiquor, a short term that stands for Coffee and Liquor. Yes! You just saw it right, Liquor! Coffiquor is a Cebu-based specialty coffee shop that specializes in combined coffee with liquor drinks. This may sound weird and new for some but it definitely is good! Indeed a coffee with a twist you should try!

Coffiquor in Cebu City started as an online business in 2020. Started with “Outlaw“, their first cold brew specialty coffee. It’s made using specialty coffee beans without any sugar or preservatives and expertly cold brewed by their Chief Barista Officer for 24 hours. It is then packed in 500 ml cans which makes it unique from most brews you can find around Cebu.

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The success of the first brew then made it to “Lover“, a cold brew specialty coffee with full cream milk. This has then driven new patrons in Cebu to keep on trying their brews.

The Coming of Coffiquor

As months passed by, Coffiquor then introduced their Specialty Coffee combined with Liquor Drinks. The “Renegade“, is a specialty coffee with Johnnie Walker. This cold brew drink is best recommended for adults only ages 18 years old and above. As they say, this drink is best enjoyed with friends on a weekend or even at the end of a stressful day.


Around November of 2021, Coffiquor then opened its doors to the public with its first kiosk on the Ground Floor of Ayala Malls Central Bloc. From only offering three drinks, they have stretched up their menu to a wide variety of drinks. That includes their Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, and people’s favorite Caramel Macchiato.


We also got to try one of their drinks that is yet to be on their menu, the “White Russian“. It’s their specialty coffee combined with Vodka and Kahlua. And yes! It’s extremely good. You could take note of this in case they release this to the public soon.



Aside from coffee, non-coffee lovers could still enjoy Coffiquor’s Matcha with Milk. It’s also available in Hot and Iced and is pretty good too as we experienced it.


One good thing with Coffiquor is how engaging they can be! Every time you buy any hot or iced drinks from their kiosk, you can have the liberty to carve in their kiosk. It can be your name or even your lover’s name if you want! Indeed an experience you can’t find in any other coffee stores.

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Ordering specialty coffee is just a few taps away now as Coffiquor goes digital! Just download their app and you can order right away with no registration required. And yes, it’s available for both iPhone and Android users.


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