The Korean culture has already started to touch the hearts of many Filipinos around the country. In line with this, the Korean craze has always been popping up either in movie series, k-pop, fashion and even with the food they eat.

Us, mostly as Cebuanos or Filipinos, in general, do really love food. From Filipino foods and up to the most modern dishes of different cuisines, we have almost tried a lot of them! This having said includes Korean Cuisine.

Let’s get into Korean Food!

Korean restaurants have already started to be found on some of the busiest streets and known locations in Metro Cebu. In Cebu, you could already find a lot of unlimited Samgyeopsal which the majority love! Aside from this, there are also these line ups of Korean restaurants whose main focus would be on Korean cuisine. And one of those is Da In Korean Restaurant.


Getting to Da In Korean Restaurant

Da In Korean Restaurant is located at 42 Salinas Dr, Cebu City. To be specific with the place, this restaurant is just in front of the University of Southern Philippines Foundation and besides Chika-an Restaurant.

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Da In Korean Restaurant is easy to notice and can’t be missed with how its minimalist gray exterior looks. So regardless of what mode of transportation you are using upon going to the area, you won’t get lost. 🙂

Discovering Da In Korean Restaurant

The first time that I have heard of Da In Korean Restaurant was from a close high school friend of mine. He actually invited me to dine in with some of the food bloggers and social media folks that I used to encounter a lot in the online world.

About Da In Korean Restaurant

Da In Korean Restaurant is a celebration of two cultures, and two leaders who share the same passion for food. Business partners Mr. Lim of Da-won Korean Restaurant and Mr. John Dytian of Creative Cuisine Group forged a partnership in order to bring the taste of authentic Korean Cuisine and Korean BBQ with the highest quality ingredients to the Queen City of the South.


Da In Korean Restaurant opened its doors to the public just last Sept. 5, 2019, with the intention of welcoming and serving as many people as they can who want to indulge and experience true Korean BBQ whether they may be locals or Korean Nationals.

Indulge with Da In Korean Restaurant

As can be gleaned from its name, Da In directly translates to many people coming in“. That’s why when we arrive at Da In, there were a lot of people dining in living the translation of its name.


To set expectations for everyone, Da In Korean Restaurant is not an all-you-can-eat restaurant like of the others (samgyeopsal) that you can find in the metro but not limited to their garden station. Their foods are ordered per plate and how it usually goes among many restaurants.

Experiencing Da In Korean Restaurant: Is it worth the go?

The moment we entered Da In Korean Restaurant, we were then lively greeted by all their amazing staff. They were in chorus greeting us with “Annyeonghaseyo” which means “hello” or ”hi” in Korean. Greeting us in Korean was actually a good thing since many of us would really go to a Korean restaurant to somehow experience their culture.


We then looked for our assigned seats and started with their appetizers while waiting for our main meals. I’ll be listing down the foods that we got below that really stood out for me that you should try!

Korean Pancake

Let’s start with this Korean Pancake. Korean Pancakes are usually made from a standard savory pancake batter mixed with shredded potatoes and various fresh vegetables.


This was actually the first dish I got my hands on while waiting for the other foods. And it was really good considering that it was the very first Korean Pancake that I have tried yet. It looks like it was really pan-fried to perfection!

Tofu Kimchi

Tofu Kimchi is just one of the most popular bar foods in Korea. It’s usually served to be best paired with Soju which we were also given the moment we seated on our chairs. This is actually a perfect mini-meal as well for those who are into kimchi or tofu.


Cheese Steamed Egg

Stepping up the game is this cheese steamed egg. Just basically an egg added with cheese to enhance more the flavor of the dish. Their steamed egg is very fluffy and very soft which is really relaxing when you eat it.


You could get this Cheese Steamed Egg for only Php 250. For those who don’t like having cheese on their eggs, the regular steamed egg is priced at only Php 200.

Green Onion Bulgogi

This dish was heaven! Their green onion with beef bulgogi is something that you really shouldn’t miss because of its very powerful flavor. The moment I tasted it, I couldn’t stop myself eating it anymore because of how good it really is! Would rate this 10/10.


Minimum of 2 orders. Priced at Php 400 | 200g

Beef Ribs

One of the best sellers of Da In Korean Restaurant is their Beef Ribs. While it was being grilled in front of us in our table, we were told by one of their staff that it would be good to eat it not overcooked. We then took their advice and it surely did taste good! Their beef ribs were so juicy and so tender! This would also be perfect to pair with their cabbage or rice. Would rate this 10/10.

Priced at only Php 1450.


Grilled Mackerel

Their grilled mackerel was made perfectly to be paired with their white sticky rice! It was really prepared well and you could really tell it by the taste itself. I even consumed almost half of this mackerel since it was that good especially if you dip it with their sauce.


Don’t miss this dish for only Php 600!

Seafood & Mixed Vegetables Japchae

Da In’s Seafood & Mixed Vegetables Japchae is really good for sharing! The noodles in this dish is so good and really pair well with the seafood and other ingredients you could see. Would give it 9/10.


Don’t skip this dish too! It’s really good and only available for Php 700.

These are just some of my favorites from the dishes that we had during our visit at Da In Korean Restaurant. Below are other dishes that you should also consider aside from the dishes I highly suggest.


Garden Station

I mentioned earlier in this blog that Da In Korean Restaurant does not offer eat-all-you-can to everyone but not limited to the garden station. Here, as long as you order either pork, beef or anything from the menu, then you already have the access to get as much as you can in the garden station. So if you’re really into salads, then you’re perfect for this!


And of course, we could not miss Ice Cream! The famous Melona Ice Cream is also available at Da In Korean Restaurant. And other than Melona, you also have other options of Ice Creams here. So end your meal with a treat for your sweet tooth!


Private Rooms

One good thing about Da In Korean Restaurant is that they also have private rooms available for everyone. So if you want to have an exclusive gathering with your friends or family, you are really good to go here. Private rooms good for six to twelve people are available on the 2nd floor of Da In.

No minimum purchased required.


Da In Korean Restaurant is actually a very good place if you really want to have a perfect taste of Korean Cuisine. I have been jumping from different Korean restaurants for the past years but this place gave me the 360 degrees experience of how authentic Korean food really tastes like!

On top of this, the ambiance of the restaurant is really good and relaxing. It’s very peaceful and you could truly enjoy the food that you are getting!


For other questions and inquiries about Da In Korean Restaurant, you can send them a message on their official Facebook Page at Da-In Korean Restaurant and might as well follow them on their official Instagram at @dain_ph


In line with Creative Cuisine Group’s partnership with Da In Korean Restaurant, it would also be nice to let you know that they also have universal gift certificates for all their restaurants including the following:

  • Da In Korean Restaurant
  • Chika-an
  • Big Daddy
  • Big Mao
  • Ettas
  • Brique
  • Kaffee Alde

So if you’re planning to buy one and have it as a gift to someone you want, feel free to ask any of the staff from the restaurants mentioned. It’s only available for only Php 500.

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  1. I love this Da-in restaurant most of it all other Korean restaurant in Cebu, because the taste is the real Korean taste not like others and also the atmosphere of Da-in is so nice & great. When I have visitors, I always go there to treat them. You should give a shot to try the food.

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