I have always loved burgers since I was young and so as some of my friends. From those stand-up burgers like Burger Machine up to fancy ones, I am always up for it! Burgers from fast-food chains also come in line too with burgers from Jollibee and the chicken sandwiches from Mcdo and KFC. So when I got to hear about this new shop with chicken burgers, I knew we had to visit it soon. For today, let me take you with me to a flavorful experience with Don John’s.

Discovering Don John’s

Don John’s has been quite a buzz lately because of their chicken burgers. Hearing a lot of good feedback from people who have tried their burgers lit up our curiosity about trying it as well. Their physical store has been up not just a long time ago but just recently about a few months back in quarantine. I’m not pretty sure if they had their business running before though but one thing for sure, this is something you should surely check!


Aside from chicken burgers, they also have chicken wings that you can enjoy in 7 flavors. You can also enjoy it boneless if you like. You could refer to the menu at the end of this blog for reference.

Getting to Don John’s

Don John’s is located at YelloCube Food Hub in Lahug, Cebu City. And getting there is easy peasy! If you’re familiar with Tsai Hotel or Burrow, that road would be it! Just walk ahead and you’ll then see a yellow place which is mostly made of big containers.



BY PRIVATE CAR. If you’re coming with your private car and is not familiar with the place, Google Maps or Waze could be the best option for you. YelloCube Food Hub also has parking spaces for customers coming by.

BY TAXI. Whether you’re coming somewhere from the city, hailing a taxi going to YelloCube wouldn’t be a problem. If your taxi driver isn’t familiar with YelloCube, tell him to drive you over to Tsai Hotel near JY Square. And as mentioned, YelloCube would just be straight ahead Tsai Hotel.

BY GRABCAR. Grab is already up in Cebu. And for those who don’t like a hassle, this would be the best option for you. GrabCar only accepts cashless payment for now so be sure to tap up your GrabPay upon booking.

Flavorful Feast with Don John’s

If you’re someone who has been looking to have a good chicken burger and chicken wings, I would highly suggest Don John’s. For their Chicken Burger, they have three options that you can choose from. As for me and Aldrin, we chose Don John’s Chicken Sandwich. It’s made up of Crispy Chicken Thigh, lettuce, cheese slice, and their DonSauce.


Their chicken burger was pretty good! The chicken thigh was so tender and it was juicy too! And yes, the portion of the chicken was big. Aside from the chicken, their bun also got our attention. It was quite different from the burger buns you can easily see around. It was soft and has a buttery taste that tastes like Monay or Pan de Leche.

If you’d like to have a spicy chicken burger experience, you might as well check their Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich.

Aside from their Chicken Sandwich would be their chicken wings. We tried their Chicken Wings and the boneless one so we can experience it both. As for the variant, we ordered one of my all-time favorite flavors, Salted Egg. It also comes with a blue cheese dip.


As for the chicken wings, we were really confused if we’ll go for either the garlic parmesan or garlic cream. And since we’ve been always having the garlic parmesan when it comes to wings, this time we went for their Garlic Cream. It was perfect!!


I must say that both of the chicken flavors that we had was truly amazing! Both were good and this is something I would really go back to soon if schedule permits. If we got to come back some other time and get to try their other flavors, I’ll pretty add them here for reference.

To complete the experience, we also ordered their Crinkled Fries. I wasn’t really a fan of their fries, maybe because it was just plain. I wish they will maybe add some options in the future of having flavors to choose from for their fries aside from the plain one.


The overall experience was amazing! I suggest you visit Don John’s if you got some spare time and I’m sure you’ll love it. There was also a milk tea shop beside Don John’s, named Mooleaf. You might as well check them out as their milk tea flavors are so interesting!

You can also order from Don John’s Instagrm if you want to experience it from the comforts of your home at @donjohnsph.

See the menu below for reference:


7 thoughts on “Don John’s: A new favorite in town”

  1. I reallt Love burgers but There’s only onething that I’m stuck with. The Chicken Burger 🥰 Hope I can also try John’s Burger

  2. I was there when Yello Cube first opened. I was with Rome and Caloy, I think. I love the place and I love the idea because it gives startups to have a venue to showcase their offering. I’m wondering what’s new at Yello Cube. I am thinking of giving Don John’s a try because I love chicken wings and fries, and burgers.

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