It’s gonna be four months now this coming 19th of September since I started my fitness journey. And as you would know, I also am doing a food account on Instagram, @chibugankini. Chibugan Kini is my food counterpart that features and do reviews of different food businesses, mostly startups, here in Cebu. And recently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I manage to still lose fats even if I’m eating foods that shouldn’t be eaten on a low carb diet.

What happens in a Low Carb Diet?

As mentioned in my previous blogs about my fitness journey, I’m doing a low carb diet. It means, we still get to eat good foods but those that are totally low in carbohydrates. But in a low carb diet, there are many things that you should restrict or avoid as much as possible that includes our staple food, rice. What else? Sweets, Sugary and Starchy Foods, Pasta, Bread, Sodas.

So way back in the first month of my diet, I was super strict with what I eat. And I don’t even give myself a cheat day way back then. And yes, of course, it was totally hard!! Especially that I’m a sweets lover and even came to the point that milk tea has been part of my daily routine.

But if you’re asking how I still manage to eat while on a diet, the secret would be discipline and control.

Discipline and Control on Diet

Discipline and control are just some of the things which are very important to a good diet. And even to some aspects like sports, discipline, and self-control would be a big factor. I started trying out foods from some of Cebu’s local businesses in the middle of my 2nd month of diet. And at first, I was really hesitant to try one, especially that I’m avoiding sugary foods.

I started eating cheat meals only during cheat days at first. And I only eat them on my eating window. As I’m doing a 16:8 Intermittent Fasting, foods should still be eaten during the eating window. And that takes a lot of discipline and control. You can still attend to your cravings but yes, make sure to do it in moderation.

Vegetables on round chopping board, symbol for intermittent fasting

And recently on my 3rd and 4th month now, I’ve been trying out more food than the usual one. And this time around, I still eat them during the 8 hours eating window. No changes. Haha. Also, if you’re wondering, I’m actually sharing some of the foods with my friends too! 😉

For me, I think that if you are on a diet, you can still eat foods though that you like but just think about what will happen if you overeat. So the only technique here is to again, learn how to control. If it’s something sugary, I suggest you also drink a lot of water after to flush out your sugar intake. It would also be nice if you start a cleansing habit by drinking green tea (without milk and sugar) daily hours after meals. Consume it as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Always Get Back on Track

After doing some cheat meals, don’t forget to also get back on track. Drink water, continue with eating healthy meals depending on what diet you’re following. If you’re doing intermittent fasting, continue following your schedule and take it from there. Having a cheat meal once won’t make you gain weight immediately, but if you’re doing it a lot already, then there lies a weight-gain factor.

As for me, I do get back on track by exercise and fasting. So if I eat on this day with that food (cheat meal), I do make sure that I really exercise the next day. Haha. So if you do have the time to work out, do so.


For work out videos, I suggest you check out MrandMrsMuscle which I am also following. Their workouts are the best! Simple, and they got a lot of beginner-friendly workouts too!

I’ll end it here for now. If you do have some questions about my diet or workouts, keep in touch with me on my Instagram and I’ll see you there! 😍🤗

7 thoughts on “Handling Cheat Meals and Temptations while on Diet”

  1. I wish i have same problem. Mine is the opposite i dont have the appetite to eat a lot, my stomach got full so easily. Have swallowing problem too. I have some cravings but dont have energy and a lot of patience to cook food for myself. Iam 28 at 39 kilos. Anorexic . Though we already know the importance of proper and balance diet. Are behavior really affects our health. BYC C3

  2. Diet is one of the factors of gaining weight. In my own case, I can’t cut my usual meal because I need more energy because I use my brain to think more ideas and that’s why I need to eat a lot of carbs and a little sugary food for brain function. I never forget to take my daily low impact cardio exercise to eliminate some fats on my body hahahahaa. I think the discipline can help to maintain our body shape and weight without sacrificing our tummies and cravings. We can eat our favorite meals in moderation and don’t forget to move and stretch while working. This blog is so great! Good job!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Diet is the hardest part of losing weight. Hahaha. I always eat every three hours so intermittent fasting is very difficult for me. I really want to lose weight, and I think I need to give myself a good push to actually do it. Thank you for inspiring me to be healthy Marco!

  4. I have the experience, somehow, to be fit because I needed to. I used to play as a volleyball player representing our schools when I was still very, very, very young. Also, I was able to lose weight when I joined the ROTC as well as after graduating college. The call center life made me into eating again because of whatever reasons we can find, it’s good to eat at night when your body clock is struggling to be awake. I want to lose weight again but I don’t have the motivation. Probably, I will just find a reason to lose weight because family history is sort of a dash of “diabetes” and “hypertension”. Kidding aside, I want to lose weight so that I can also take off my shirt on Instagram. LOL!

  5. Slowly, I have been disciplining myself to limit my carb intake. Although I do not do intermittent fasting, I just make sure that I eat the right food (yes, I am pesco-vegetarian but I eat a lot of sweets, sodas and rice!) in the a day’s recommended caloric intake (for my body weight). These days, I am trying to get back on track – exercising but mostly, I do yoga and stretching in the morning. At least, I am starting small and hopefully, I could sustain it. Great and inspiring read, Marco!

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