Surely most of us have been really excited for Christmas. Most especially that Christmas is just around the corner when this blog will be published. With Christmas Season coming up soon also comes the ideas of what foods should we roll up on our tables. From the popular ones such as Jamon de Bola, Spaghetti, Queso de Bola and other stuff that you would know. In addition, desserts would also be highly visible. And speaking of dessert, why don’t you add something new that’s rarely seen in most households? How about some gingerbread cookies to brighten up the Christmas celebration?

Gingerbread Cookies and Where to get one

The first time I saw a gingerbread cookie was from the movie, Shrek when I was young. Back then, I really wanted to get myself one but it’s not really sold in the markets unless you’re someone who loves to bake and can make one. Gingerbread cookies, if not sold, are used as displays in some malls too as it just looks really cute.

Gingerbread cookie usually comes in a form of a stylized human. Sometimes, it’s also presented in a mini house form with the touch of Christmas. This type of cookie is mostly seen during the Christmas season, unlike the regular cookies that you can easily find. This time around, I was just so delighted to see it in a Christmas tree form which was something new. Never did I know that I could also get one for myself this Christmas!

Now, where can you get a Gingerbread cookie here in Cebu?

Baked by Kimmy introduces their Gingerbread Collection

Baked by Kimmy is one of the shops that we have mentioned in our Quarantine Favorites months ago. They specialize in sweets like pizookie (a cookie in a pizza form), lamington cake, and mango mochis. And recently, they introduced their new products for the Christmas Season which is their Gingerbread Cookies.

Their Gingerbread cookies are available in 2 forms and in 2 flavors. Starting off with their Christmas Sugar Cookie in a stylized human form and in a Christmas tree form. White and creme would be the colors highly projected in this flavor. It also comes with cute edible decors that makes it more pretty! 😍



And next would be the main highlight for me, Gingerbread Man Cookie. Like that of the Christmas Sugar Cookie, this flavor also comes in two forms; the human one and the Christmas tree. As for the taste, it is not too gingery, but a nice mellow combination of spices which was really good. It was our first time to try one though and we absolutely love it!



This Gingerbread cookie would be perfect if you’re looking for something new to display on your tables on Christmas. Choosing this as a gift to your friends and loved ones would also be ideal. Not only that it is so pretty, but it is also very affordable and indeed a good value for money. 💯

See the menu below for reference.


For orders and inquiries, you can message @bakedbykimmy on Instagram and they will take it from there.

Merry Christmas! 🎄

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