Many would have noticed that Christmas for the previous years has already changed. You can really tell that it has not been the same as how Christmas feels used to be before. I remember when I was still a kid, Christmas would really excite me a lot! Like who wouldn’t be excited to receive Christmas presents right?

Remember receiving gifts from our classroom Christmas Parties and getting to know who our manitos and manitas are? (hahaha!). Even exchanging gifts with our neighborhood and even with some of my barkadas were also things to be excited back on the old good days.

Maybe Christmas hasn’t changed at all. Maybe it’s just because of us growing up. Or maybe it’s because some of us started to be living on our own now. Do you also even ponder why?

As the Christmas season fastly approaches, a lot of families have already started preppin’ up. And even in malls, hotels and resorts do. The Christmas trees lighting up, reservation of Christmas Party venues, and buying of gifts, these are just some of the things that you can already see around.

A Glistening Night at bai Hotel

Last November 21, 2019, I was invited by bai Hotel Cebu, together with some of my blogger friends, for A Glistening Night of Christmas Tree Lighting and Appreciation Night.


The event kicked off with the Christmas Tree Lighting at 6:00 PM and followed by heavy cocktails at the Lapu-Lapu Grand Ballroom. This year’s event brought everyone a very beautiful lighting ceremony, spectacular performances, and delicious food. Santa also joined us at this celebration! 😍


As bai Hotel turns 2,  they aim to foster and strengthen relationships in the context of fun and recreation to show appreciation to their Top Producers in 2019. Sometimes, work can’t be easy. That’s why for me, it’s always great to see amazing folks being recognized for their hard works.


Everyone was also served with an amazing table of food and cocktails. Surely, we really had fun during the night! We were even in our formal OOTDs during the night! (haha!)


It’s just so good to see us really looking good at some points. 😂 Even one of my blogger friends, Rabsin, went home being awarded as Best Dressed of the Night! (See photo below, the one wearing white)


And of course, here’s the full photo of what I wore during the event. 😍


bai Hotel did an amazing job of bringing an amazing show and letting everyone feel how Christmas should really be started! ♥️

About bai Hotel Cebu

With 668 rooms, 12 event venues and over 8 dining options, bai Hotel Cebu is one of the Philippines’ largest hotels. bai Hotel Cebu is a member of WorldHotels, an exclusive group of independent hotels around the globe.

For more information and inquiries, you can contact bai Hotel Cebu at (+63 32) 342 8888 / (+63 32) 355 8888 or visit their website at

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