Have you ever wanted to order your favorite dishes from different restaurants in one delivery? Imagine craving a chicken sandwich but that shop doesn’t have a milk tea to pair with so you have to order once more from a different shop which would cost you another delivery fee. A bit costly right? But worry no more as this is now made possible with Grab! Introducing the newest “Mix and Match”, now available in GrabKitchen in Cebu!

Mix and Match Your Orders with GrabKitchen in Cebu!

Grab Philippines officially launches GrabKitchen in Cebu – the first cloud kitchen of the leading super app outside of Luzon. GrabKitchen Cebu will serve as a central commissary of an inaugural slate of six restaurants: Happilee Korean Kitchen, CoCo (milk tea), Big Al’s Cookie Jar, and Merry Moo. In addition are two of our favorite Cebuano restaurants: Chef Joshua’s Kitchen and COOEE Cafe.


As a central commissary of multiple restaurants, GrabKitchen Cebu allows consumers to better mix and match various food items from its merchants. Through this, Cebuanos can enjoy a wider food selection with just one delivery fee. Cebuanos can now also take delight in the offerings of food brands that are entering the Cebu market through GrabKitchen such as the restaurants mentioned earlier.

Quick Guide on Using Mix and Match

Ordering “Mix and Match” in the GrabKitchen via Grabfood is very easy. Simply head to your Grab App and go to the food tab. You’ll see Mix & Match under “One Delivery Fee” and that’s it! Simply choose from your preferred restaurants, add to the cart, and click order. Again, in Mix & Match, you only pay One Delivery Fee. As for the delivery fee, it would depend on your location.


For Mix & Match, payments can be done with the same payment options in the Grab app. You can choose from either Cash, Gcash, Card Payments, or through your Grab Pay. Some discounts might also be available upon check out so be sure to check those tabs to save some bucks!

As for me, I did order from three shops under the GrabKitchen. First is this Bibimbap from Happilee Korean Kitchen for only Php265. It was pretty good!


I also got myself something from one of my go-to restaurants in Cebu, Chef Joshua’s Kitchen. We have here their Original Chicken Sandwich (Php225) that comes with coleslaw, their Cheesy Fries (Php160), and their new Squid Poppers with Garlic Mayo (Php185).



And lastly, to complete the meal is a 3 Buddies Milk Tea from CoCo (Php110). So refreshing!


Overall experience with Mix & Match in GrabKitchen was smooth! Super convenient and just one click away to have your cravings delivered to your doorstep. Also, GrabKitchen Cebu is set to grow its roster of restaurants and food brands in the next few months to include more homegrown brands and introduce more food concepts from other regions.

In celebration of the launch, you can use the promo code “HELLOGKCEBU” for every order from GrabKitchen Cebu merchants until March 31 to avail of a discount.



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