As a content creator and as someone who does have the love for food, I always find it exciting when I try dishes new to my palate. Whether what type of food it is, as long as it brings excitement to me on our first encounter, it would surely leave a remark in my heart. As part of exploring good dishes that can be found in Cebu, we thought of going outside the bounders of the metro. So for this time around, we made our way to this beautiful cafe located in the mountains of Balamban – Haven Cafe.

If you’re looking for a perfect place to truly enjoy good food and at the same time escape from the bustling city, Haven Cafe is the place to be!

Haven Cafe, West 35

Discovering Haven Cafe

Haven Cafe is sheltered on top of the tranquil grounds of West 35 Eco Mountain Resort. This cafe is roughly 35 kilometers from Cebu City and is a 45-minute ride via private or public transport. And yes, it’s true that it can be far from the city but based on what we experienced, it’s surely worth the drive!

It was a bright Sunday when we visited Haven Cafe. Sunday normally used to be our content day and a time for us to catch up with our fellow content creator friends. But for this time around, we decided to take a break from our busy schedules, just relax, and enjoy something new!

How to get to Haven Cafe

BY PRIVATE CAR. Drive yourself going to Balamban from Cebu City via trans central highway. Haven Cafe is approximately 35 kilometers from the city and would take you up to a 45-minute drive going there. You’ll see a big sign of West 35, take that route, and pay Php 85 for the entrance fee. Php 85 is not Haven Cafe’s entrance, but an entrance fee for the whole amenities of West 35 which includes the Haven Cafe.

BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT. At Ayala Center Cebu, walk yourself going to the jeepney terminal. On the lower ground floor of Ayala’s terminal, there are vans lined up heading to different routes. Take the one going to Balamban and tell the driver to drop you off at West 35. Fare is Php 120.

Haven Cafe at a Glance

Haven Cafe from far away looks like a really big house. You would still walk with the zigzag inclined colorful mosaic path with various ferns, yellow, and green plants and begonias before you can enter the area. Of course, it’s very Instagrammable so don’t forget to get your cameras ready! Haha.

Haven Cafe, West 35

This cafe offers nature-inspired architecture and delicious al-fresco dining. Also, this cafe warms the hearts of many guests coming over with its cozy ambiance, rustic yet modern interiors, and cozy weather. Just as we experienced it. So if you are a little stressed with the hot weather in the city or would want to try an experience of something new, you should give this cafe a visit because the weather here is very relaxing!

Haven Cafe, West 35

Haven Cafe, West 35

On top of Haven Cafe also is a viewing deck that will show you the 360-degree picturesque view of the mountains of Balamban. So after you dine in at Haven Cafe, or even before you dine in, you should check it out!

Delightful Dishes at Haven Cafe

As a cafe situated in an eco mountain resort that grows its produce, Haven Cafe does serve dishes to tables that are fresh and natural. That’s why we were not hesitant to include salad orders during our visit which I will show later on below. Not to mention, their foods are really good and the price is just right. To think that you are dining with a very scenic view, it’s worth going! 🙌

I won’t make it any longer. In this blog, I’ll be showing you some of the best dishes that you can grab in Haven Cafe. These are the dishes that we surely did enjoy and something that we would come back for if time permits. Prepare your palate for imaginative organic dishes, mouth-watering local favorites, and delicate pastries at Haven Cafe. 😍


Let’s start with the selections of salads in Haven Cafe. For all who are in a healthy diet, these salads are perfect for you!

Garden Fresh Salad. This salad is made up of lettuce, cucumber, fresh mango, fresh tomato, raisins, onions, cashew nuts, Parmesan cheese, and vinaigrette.

Haven Cafe, West 35

Chicken Garden Salad. Lettuce, grilled chicken slices, fresh tomatoes, onions, parmesan cheese, and vinaigrette.

Haven Cafe, West 35

Fresh Green Salad with Grilled Shrimp. My favorite among all the salads! Consists of lettuce, cucumber, fresh mango, carrot, grilled shrimp, with sesame dressing.

Haven Cafe, West 35

Breakfast Options

West 35 Eco Mountain Resort opens for all walk-in guests starting at 7:00 AM. With this time given, many guests would, of course, come in early to have the place to themselves. Breakfast ala carte is served as early as 7:00 AM. So if you want to start the day with a very good meal, you’re good to go here.

Check-in guests already have free breakfast ala carte with a platter of fresh fruits and bread.

Breakfast options: Tapsilog, Hotsilog, Cornsilog, Smokesilog, and American Breakfast

Haven Cafe, West 35


For guests also coming over around lunchtime, in the afternoon, or any time of the day who only wants to eat light, then you could never go wrong with their wide options for an appetizer.

We only got to try one from this selection but I highly suggest you try their Calamari Fritto with marinara dip. So good!!

Haven Cafe, West 35

Other options: Spicy Chicken Wings, Sizzling Gambas, Asian Veggie Spring Roll, Grilled Chicken Sisig


And if you are also into pizza, they also have it for you! When we were here, I noticed that many families and friends are ordering their pizza. We were wondering if it’s good so we ordered one for ourselves. And it didn’t disappoint! It really is! Haha. We got ourselves the Hungarian Sausage and Ham and Cheese.

Haven Cafe, West 35

Other flavors: Hawaiian, Vegetarian, Double flavors, All Meat Pizza, Pesto Shrimp

And of course, as Filipinos, the table won’t be complete without any rice meal. Haha. So during our visit, we got to two of the most recommended dishes.

Pan-Fried Fish Fillet. Fish fillet with lemon, capers, butter, and cream. Good.

Haven Cafe, West 35

Grilled Baby Back Ribs. This was heaven! Very tender and full of flavors! Must try. Superb.

Haven Cafe, West 35

And lastly, I won’t end it without recommending any local dessert. You should try this Bibingka special with tsokolate.

Haven Cafe, West 35

This delicacy is not new to me since I used to study in Balamban since elementary and until I graduated High School. So when I knew that they are selling Bibingka, which is made from Asturias, I was not hesitant to order it. Don’t skip this! It’s really good. 😍🙌💯

So that’s it! That sums up our gastronomic feast at Haven Cafe! 😍

For a sentimental and harmonious experience, you should see it for yourself. Whether it be with your friends, your special one, your family or even on a solo trip.

Haven Cafe, West 35
Took this photo on the way down from Haven Cafe.


Price Range: Php 150 – Php 500
Mobile Connection: Intermittent
WiFi: None

⏰ Last call for dinner: 7:30 PM (For in-house and walk-in guests)

Have you already been to Haven Cafe? Leave your favorite dish and your best experience in the comment section below. 🤗

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