Instagram has been one of the trends nowadays not only for millennials but to a lot of people. It is indeed a great venue for all people who are really more into striking a pose and who are more into photography, may it be food, fashion, travel or any genre. As part of these millennials, I have been addicted to taking photos since elementary up even to this time. I also got several friends from elementary and high school who do so.

The time I stepped into secondary education was when Instagram came in. It was not that booming way back then in the environment I was in but when I moved into the city, that’s where I got my hopes high for Instagram.

In the city that I am living right now, I got a lot of friends who are bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers. I met most of these amazing folks on an Instagram event that I have attended years ago. To name a few, Instameet events by iLuvCebu¬†and Cebu Grammer’s Meet which was once organized by Cebu Content Creators.


What happens on an Instameet or Instagram Events?

An Instagram event is one of the greatest places to boost up your confidence when it comes to social media. During these kinds of events, you get to meet a lot of people that will share the same sentiments about Instagram as you. There will be a lot of engaging activities and endless picture taking. For most of this, there would also be groupings where you will be with a new set of people that you will encounter in real-time. It’s kinda fun because you also learn new Instagram tactics from this type of activity.



The Start of Grammer Session Cebu

I and some of my Instagram friends noticed that there are no Instagram events that are happening and being organized lately here in Cebu. Noticing that the number of Instagrammers in Cebu as well is increasing, it would be a waste if ever those skills will not be acknowledged by some or even by many.

I have come up to this idea to invite some of the leaders and some of the team members that I have worked with through all the Instagram events that I have been to, people that I know I have the same vision too. We came up with this idea to make and launch a community where we can gather active and aspiring Instagrammers to bring back the life of Cebu Instagram.

The first-ever Grammer Session Cebu happened in 11Vista Cafe which is located on the 11th Floor of FPN Epic Centre, A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City, Cebu. It is a rooftop cafe in which you can see the view of the city. Though there were only eight of us during the session, it was still fun and it ended up successfully.

Grammer Session Cebu

We discussed things out, plan the vision and the mission of the organization, and shared out our creative ideas as to how we can make this thing happen. With the help of my fellow Instagram friends, we have come up to an organization called Grammer Session Cebu – an organization, whose mission is to build a community of Instagrammers and to meet individuals to help discover new skills, hone talents and learn ideas.

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