As we start our adventures this 2020, we continue our quest in searching for new Instagrammable Cafes in Cebu City. While there are many cafes in the metro already, finding one should be easy! But in finding one, how the place looks should not be the only thing but the food should also highly be considered. Recently, we got the chance to be with a set of amazing people to experience this pretty cafe โ€“ Hukad Kafe.

Unveiling Hukad Kafe

I have been to Hukad with my family and friends several times in some of their branches in Cebu and the experience is always good! And now, with Hukad Kafe opening up, it surely feels new. When we say new, it all comes to the interior design, food and a brand new Hukad experience.

Hukad Kafe FrontHukad Lobby

Hukad Kafe, as part of their journey towards the evolving Filipino cuisine, now opens with a new vibrant look. Hukad Kafe now offers a refreshing take on the Filipino flavors served in a relaxed cafe set up. And with the compelling Filipino flavors found in Hukad Kafe, this cafe for sure will surely appeal to people of all ages.

Hukad Kafe’s line up of good dishes

A marriage of the old and new, Hukad Kafe features dishes that are both traditional and modern. The selections of new dishes are actually really good and mouth-watering! Not only that, even how the foods being plated surely is Instagrammable!

These include the following line up of dishes posted below.

Noodles & Rice

Lechon Carbonara. Confused either Lechon or pasta? Why not both? Enjoy this favorite creamy carbonara pasta made extra special by adding your favorite Lechon! This one is for the books! And that’s only from Hukad Kafe! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ฏ

Hukad Carb

Spicy Chorizo Aglio Olio.ย Aglio Olio leveled up with Cebu’s chorizo cooked into a spicy, garlicky pasta.

Hukad Aglio Olio

Soups and Veggies

Lumpiang Hubad. Fresh Lumpia underdressed. This one has the wrapper on the side for you to enjoy with or without the wrapper.

Hukad Lumpia

Danggit and Egg Salad. Crisp lettuce topped with boiled eggs and caramelized danggit and drizzled with honey-garlic dressing.ย This one is really good!

Hukad Salad

If you’re asking for more, you could also try their:

  • Pochero. Beef shank steak cooked for hours to make a lump of tender meat and flavorful broth.
  • Pork Sinigang. Hukad Kafe’s version of sinigang with pork belly.
  • Shrimp Sinigang.ย A sour shrimp soup native in the Philippines.
  • Tinunuang Mongos.ย A popular Cebuano comfort food with a thick soup of mung bean cooked in coconut milk.

Main Dishes

Grilled Tasik. Fresh Tasik grilled to perfection to get that melt in your mouth goodness!

Hukad Tasik

Squid BBQ. Skewered squid basted with sweet sauce.

Hukad Squid

Caramelized Sinigang Fried Chicken.ย Sinigang like you never had before!ย Must try!ย This one is fried chicken tossed in the comforting flavors of sinigang!

Hukad Chicken

There’s more to that! Hukad Kafe is also known to have many flavorful dishes that would really satisfy your tummies!

  • Sweet and Sour Fish.ย Fish in season filleted and breaded, deep-fried and tossed in sweet and sour sauce.
  • Pork BBQ.ย Another Cebuano street food favorite, tender pork skewered and basted with a sweet sauce.
  • Crispy Pata
  • Seafood or Beef Kare-kare
  • Chicken Pandan.ย Deep-fried pandan-wrapped chicken bites. A Thai inspired dish but also a Pinoy favorite.
  • Grilled Bangus

Sizzling Platters

Shrimps in Taba ng Talangka.ย Peeled shrimps sauteed in fermented crab fat (taba ng talangka) on a sizzling platter.

Hukad Shrimp

Scallops Sisig. A new take on their famous baked scallops This one is made with fresh scallop meat sauteed and served in a sizzling platter topped with their famous garlicky cheese.ย MUST TRY! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ฏ

Hukad Scallops

Aside from these selections, you could still choose from the following:

  • K-Pork BBQ.ย This dish comes with the touch of both Pinoy and Korean.
  • Vegetarian Sisig.ย A vegetarian version of the Pinoy’s favorite sisig that comes in a powerful flavor and won’t miss the pork.
  • Lechon Sisig
  • Pork Sisig.ย Sauteed chopped pork, onions, garlic and a little bit of chili, topped with Carcar style chicharon.
  • Red Egg Chicharon Sisig.ย A crunchy and savory combination of chicharon and salted egg with a bit of spice.

Filipino Delicacies

Masi Ala Mode.ย Hukad Kafe’s deconstructed version of the masi sa Liloan, topped with vanilla ice cream.

Tsokolate and Yema Wanton. A sweet version of wanton which is filled with chocolate and yema.ย So good! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ฏ

Hukad Kafe

Champion-radong Sago.ย This is so good mga ka-Chibuano! Instead of traditionally using rice, Hukad Kafe used sago so everyone can enjoy this as a dessert with the option of making this ala Mode.

Hukad Champion-rado

In Hukad Kafe’s refreshing cafe setting, they also took time to create more delectable merienda line ups aside from the three mentioned above.

  • Lechon Salted Egg Muffin.ย This most likely look like a bibingka but taste like a muffin with Lechon bits and salted egg at the bottom.
  • Tsokolate Biko.ย Sticky rice cooked in coconut milk syrup and topped with thickย tsokolate.
  • Buko Pandan Crepe.ย Pandan crepe filled with sweet shredded candied coconut and drizzled with salted caramel sauce.
  • Chilled Taho.
  • Ube Wanton Ala Mode.ย Housemade ube halaya wrapped in spring roll wrapper, deep-fried and topped with cheese ice cream.

Kafe Specials

And of course, a meal wouldn’t be complete without drinks! Well, Hukad Kafe’s juices are made with a lot of love and a whole lot of fresh ingredients.

Ube Halaya Milk Tea.ย Have you ever try ube halaya milk tea? If not, then Hukad Kafe should be the place to be! It even comes at a very affordable price at only Php 79.00!

Hukad Milk Tea

Don’t forget to check out their other specials like their Pearl Milk Tea and Frosted Kalamansi.

So no matter what you’re craving and even what time it is, Hukad Kafe would be that one place that you can surely rely on. Either when you want a satisfying meal or merienda that would answer a serious need of refreshing and exciting food! This sums up everything that Hukad Kafe is not only an Instagrammable cafe but a place that’s worthy of spending time to.

Food Price Range: Php 75.00 – Php 395.00

For more updates, you could follow them on their Facebook and their Instagram @hukadkafe.


Visit them now!

Location:ย Lower Ground Level, SM City Cebu (mall hours)

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