Street foods have been part of many Filipino’s lives for many years. Even I have got it with me since I was young. I could still recall that every time we’d go the public market, or go to church on Sundays, we’d always stop by on the street food stalls you would see around. And even these years, nothing has changed not until this pandemic happened. Aside from it is very affordable, it makes your tummy full too!

As we all know, there are many types of street foods here in the Philippines. One of the popular ones would be the Kwek Kwek. And recently, I’ve been craving for some! And yes, you wouldn’t see any vendors selling it these times because of quarantine. But worry no more as you can have it delivered now to your doorstep with Kwek Kwek sa Private.

Kwek Kwek sa Private

Discovering Kwek Kwek sa Private

Who would have thought that we could still enjoy our favorite street foods while we are on a quarantine right? And now, there’s no need to wait when you can go back to the streets because you can already enjoy some of your favorites without going out of your homes.

Kwek Kwek sa Private

Kwek Kwek sa Private is a shop that sells different types of street foods. They are located in Pankee, Private, Cebu City, and have been operating since 2008. I have been to their shop before way back when I was still in college. Back then, I believe they don’t have any social media account yet, and I’m just so happy that they have one now this quarantine! As far as I can remember, students near our other campus would be the most number of customers every time I’d go.

Street Food Favorites from Kwek Kwek sa Private

1.) Kwek Kwek

From the business name itself, their main product is Kwek Kwek. Kwek Kwek or Orange eggs are hard-boiled quail eggs dipped in a bright orange batter, then deep-fried. It is usually sold per piece or some sell it by threes and is best paired with a sweet traditional sauce.

Kwek Kwek sa Private

Kwek Kwek sa Private originally made their Kwek Kwek with quail eggs. However, since there is a quarantine, it’s not a guarantee that they can buy fresh quail eggs from the market. That’s why they are using sliced hard-boiled eggs for now as their main ingredient. Still good though!

2.) Cheese Sticks

The street food version of cheese sticks has been one of my favorites since Elementary. Making one should be easy but the one from outside just hits differently. It’s made up of cheese and wrapped with Lumpia Wrapper. Some would use cheese, and some would use cheese powder as the filling. These cheese sticks are best paired with Mayo-Ketchup sauce.

Kwek Kwek sa Private

3.) Pork Balls 

Not really sure as to what ingredients they used for this but pretty sure, flour is involved. It’s a bit crispy in the outside and flavourful inside. You should try it too!

Kwek Kwek sa Private

4.) Smashed Beef

This is pretty similar to the Pork balls but on a different variant.

Kwek Kwek sa Private

5.) Hotdog

And of course, who would miss mini hotdogs on street food gaming? I know most of us would see hotdogs on the street food stalls alongside Kwek Kwek. And what I loved about these hotdogs from Kwek Kwek sa Private is they made it similar to how their Kwek Kwek is made. It’s also cheesy in the inside!

Kwek Kwek sa Private

You can definitely get all these products in one package from Kwek Kwek sa Private. It even comes at a very affordable price! But if you would want to have other arrangements, you can refer to their menu below.

Kwek Kwek sa Private

For orders and inquiries, don’t hesitate to message them on their Facebook Page at Kwek Kwek sa Private. Enjoy!


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