As you have noticed while the quarantine continues to go on, a lot of new, unique and amazing businesses grow up. There are many foods new to your eyes, and there are also some that you might have seen already even before the pandemic. And as we continue with our food chronicles during this quarantine, we now try once more a favorite food that’s pretty popular here in Cebu — Lamaw.

Introduction to Lamaw

Lamaw has been popular already here in Cebu for quite some time. It has been invented a few years back and started to be known and be heard from a place named Guadalupe. After it became popular way back then, some businesses started to add this up on their menus. Basically, Lamaw consists of simple ingredients. Even you can make it at home at your own convenience.


To give you an idea, Lamaw is made up of a cup of plain rice topped with shredded chicharon, sliced boiled egg, and steamed siomai with sauce. And as someone who have tried Lamaw many times already from different stores, I must say that a Lamaw can be determined good depending on the quality of ingredients used especially the siomai.

So recently, I got to try a version of Lamaw from Niña’s Lamaw and Siomai.

Discovering Niña’s Lamaw and Siomai

Niña’s Lamaw and Siomai is a business that just started during this quarantine season. Their kitchen is located at Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu where the magic happens. And their main product is of course, Lamaw. But to tell you, it’s not the normal Lamaw that you can easily find around as it comes in different variations. Aside from the normal combo of rice, shredded chicharon, boiled egg, and siomai, they also have a shanghai lumpia as an alternative option.

It comes in four different sets. So if you want to try their Shanghai Lumpia together with their Siomai, that can be possible. If you also want to only have either the Shanghai Lumpia or Siomai as the topping, that would also do. And good thing is, it’s very affordable! At only Php 65, you get to savor this loaded sets already! 😍

Check out the sets below for reference.

Lamaw Set

Review of Niña’s Lamaw and Siomai

The first thing that I loved about Niña’s Lamaw and Siomai is that they went all out with their packaging. Just as you can see it, their food comes in a rectangular disposable container making the serving big! I even thought it was available for Php 100 back when I didn’t know the price yet because it’s big.

Now, let’s talk about the Lamaw itself. The rice! It’s my first time trying a Lamaw that did not use plain white rice as its base. As you can see, their rice is a bit brownish. So maybe there were some condiments used and to tell you honestly, it’s pretty good! It was then topped with shredded chicharon, sliced boiled egg, and your choice of either Siomai or Shanghai Lumpia.

Their Siomai was good! It was not greasy and it was loaded just as how it should be. Because you know, there are some Siomai out there that’s just purely wrapper. I just wished that the Siomai was a bit bigger. It was too small for me. But overall, I still commend Nina’s for having a good Siomai! And of course, the Shanghai Lumpia. I’m an avid fan of Shanghai Lumpia that’s why I sometimes become choosy when it comes to this food. And I just loved that the Shanghai Lumpia from Niña’s Lamaw and Siomai was not an all-wrapper lumpia. It was filled with ground meat and other ground ingredients with their specialty. You can pretty tell it was home-made which is good. 💯

Overall, everything was good! From the packaging and presentation, it was truly commendable. And if schedule permits, I would love to order again from them soon. 😍

For orders and inquiries, don’t hesitate to message them on Facebook at Niña’s Lamaw and Siomai

2 thoughts on “A Savor of Good Food with Niña’s Lamaw and Siomai”

  1. Finally tried the Niña’s Lamaw and Siomai and it was soo good! So convenient that customers can pick at any set of food and the packaging is so big. It was very affordable too! So great that their location is from Lapu-lapu City and delivered all the way from my home in Talisay City. No regrets to try this one and I’m planning to order lamaw soon if my cravings got into it! hahahaa I super like the your food review! More food reviews, please! 😍😍😍

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