It is that time of the year again that we Filipinos take part in the Lenten Season. It is the season wherein we reflect in each one of our lives, and in how we individuals can grow closer to God. Lent, as said as well, is the time of spiritual preparation before the Easter season, just as Advent is for Christmas. The Lenten season begins with Ash Wednesday, February 26, 2020, for this year. And if you are following the 40 days tradition, Lent ends on Holy Saturday, April 11, 2020.

During the Lent Season, a lot of tradition has been practiced by many of us here in the Philippines. A common tradition that many Filipinos do follow during Lent is the practice of abstinence or fasting. Abstinence is the practice of abstaining from meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and all the Fridays of Lent. And with this being practiced by the majority, a substitute for meat should highly be considered.

Creative Cuisine Group introduces new specialties for Lenten Season

Creative Cuisine Group, as the Lenten Season starts, recently introduced new dishes from their amazing line up of restaurants. Luckily, I got to be invited to a mini gathering with some of Cebu’s food enthusiasts. We were invited to see for ourselves what are the new dishes from CCG’s brands that can be enjoyed this Lenten Season. Of course, since meat is what we are fasting this Lenten Season, good substitutes were presented!

So to give you an idea, I listed down below all the brands/restaurants under Creative Cuisine Group. These restaurants all do have something for Lent that everyone would surely enjoy in substitute for meat or if you are fasting until Holy Week.

Chika-an sa Cebu

Chika-an is a restaurant featuring a wide range of Cebuano cuisine. This is a good place where folks do dine in the ambiance of an old Filipino home. For this Lenten season, the main dish to be featured would be their Ginataang Kalabasa & Sitaw w/ Shrimps.

Creative Cuisine Group Lenten Season

Shrimp might be weird to pair with squash since most of us Cebuanos are used to having ginataang kalabasa with fried pork or sometimes fried fish. But upon trying this dish, I started loving it! It was tasty and with how the shrimp was mixed with this specialty, it surely was amazing!

Buy any Chika-an Seafood Dish and get 50% off on this specialty.

Location: 42 Salinas Dr, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Operating Hours: Daily from 11:00 AM –2:00 PM, 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM


Ettas Eclectic Food + Drinks is a Filipino-inspired restaurant, that combines familiar Filipino cuisine with a fresh and stimulating presentation. They are also taking their part in introducing something for Lent with their Kinilaw de Cebu.

Creative Cuisine Group Lenten Season

Creative Cuisine Group Lenten Season

Kinilaw is a raw seafood dish native to the Philippines, similar to ceviche. Not only seafood but can sometimes also used other alternatives such as jackfruit. Stepping up the game, you can enjoy this in Ettas at three different flavors: (1) Kinilaw na Langka, (2) Pomelo, and (3) Tangigue with Fried Tofu.

Location: Level 4, Garden Area, Ayala Center Cebu
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM Daily

Big Mao

Created to bring the new taste of China to the local market, Big Mao offers traditional Chinese dishes in a modern setting. And if you’re a fan of Chinese Cuisine, then Big Mao should be the place to go. With many dishes Big Mao is offering, for this Lenten Season, you should try their Century Egg Camaron. 💯

Creative Cuisine Group Lenten Season

I highly think that the main ingredient used for this one should be the shrimp + the not so common century egg. It was crispy in the outside but when you get to give it a bite, the flavor of the shrimp would surely kick in together with how good it blended with the century egg.

Location: 2nd Level, The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu
Operating Hours: Daily from 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM


I have been to Brique numerous times and I could really say that their foods are superb! A restaurant that offers modern cuisine with a rustic touch, Brique is the perfect place to have good food in a relaxing atmosphere. I would highly recommend this place too because it’s Instagrammable. Haha.

Creative Cuisine Group Lenten Season

Creative Cuisine Group Lenten Season

For this Lenten season, Brique proudly introduces their Shrimp Zucchini Pesto. No words for this! Super good! Well, as expected from Brique, they never disappoint. 🙌💯

Location: Level 4, Garden Area, Ayala Center Cebu
Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday – 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM | Friday and Saturday – 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Big Daddy 

Who said you can’t have burgers on the Lenten Season? Yes, you could still have at Big Daddy! So if you’re looking for a good and unique dining experience, then this should be the place to be!

For this Lenten season, no need to worry about eating burgers! Go ahead and treat yourself, your friends or together with your families with their Fishtacular burger. Made up of fish fillet, topped with coleslaw and paired with fries.

Creative Cuisine Group Lenten Season

Creative Cuisine Group Lenten Season

See their full menu here.

Location: 42 Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City (Found within the busy areas of Lahug, it is located right beside Chikaan Restaurant Lahug.)
Operating Hours: Daily from 4:00 PM to 12 Midnight

Da-In Korean Restaurant 

Da In Korean Restaurant opened its doors to the public intending to welcome and serve as many people as they can who want to indulge and experience true Korean BBQ whether they may be locals or Korean Nationals. For this season, they are featuring an existing dish on their menu – Grilled Mackerel and Cheesy Steam Egg.

Creative Cuisine Group Lenten Season

Their grilled mackerel was made perfectly to be paired with their white sticky rice the time I was with Da-In! This time, we tried it together with either plain rice or cheesy steam egg. Observing it this time, it pretty goes as well with their Cheesy Steam Egg!

Read more about our full blog about Da-In Korean Restaurant here.

Location: 42 Salinas Dr, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu (Located near our other food concepts Chikaan sa Cebu and BIG DADDY)
Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays -11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Kaffee Alde

Kaffee Alde is a locally homegrown pastry shop known for its signature homemade classics with a traditional Filipino touch. They offer a good selection of cakes, pastries, and bread.

You might be wondering why I included Kaffee Alde here when in fact, we could just have cakes for the Lent Season. Yes, that’s true but I just want to share with you guys that this Lenten Season, Kaffee Alde is launching new cake flavors that you’d surely love! Not only good for the Lenten season but for all occasions.

Creative Cuisine Group Lenten Season

Creative Cuisine Group Lenten Season

Location: Pope John Paul II Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City 6000


Take note: The Lenten Specials of CCG will only be available from the start to the end of the Lenten Season. Only the ones mentioned for Da-In Korean Restaurant and Chikaan sa Cebu’s dishes will remain the same since it’s already existing even before the Lenten Season.

For more updates, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram @creativecuisinegroup

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