Filipinos, as they say, has always been active when it comes to all kinds of special occasions. Celebrating with those who are dear to us and inviting close friends over has already been a fundamental and has been a tradition in our way of living as well for the longest time. To enumerate it, we celebrate during birthdays, baptisms, weddings, graduations and a lot more occasions. As Filipinos, we tend to have a lot of foods in our tables during these types of celebrations. In fact, there is one thing that we put in the table to make the package complete – desserts.

In the span of many years, there have been a lot of improvements in the world of desserts that we normally see here in the Philippines. We have started tasting a lot of desserts at the present time that we did not even have before when we were young. From the simple ones that made ways during the old times – Maja Blanca, Yema, Ube Halaya, Buko Salad, Polvoron, Pastillas, Cassava Cake and many more, we have now adapted to embrace the new ones that have been trending around the market.

I actually have a major sweet tooth, means that I really love eating sweets. I tried a lot of Filipino desserts since I was young and I still even saw them up until now during Sundays on the vendors near the church!  I do love them actually, the same as I love chocolates and ice cream. Since I do love sweets that much, I do explore and ask my friends who do so.

Are you familiar with Macaron?


A macaron is a sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, granulated sugar, icing sugar, almond powder, and food coloring. It comes with different colors according to their flavor and indeed a very cute one. You normally see this displayed and served on fancy wine restaurants. In fact, macaron has started to invade the market as well in today’s generation and started to have pop-up stores around malls.

I remember back when I started college around 2013 was the first time I tried a macaron somewhere here in Cebu. It was a friend of mine who introduced me to macaron which I thought at first that maybe she is referring to “macaroons” which is completely different. This has not been served on the table during normal birthday occasions since it can be very expensive for a single piece of macaron but it used to be a dessert that everyone started to love.

Macaron can also be a gift and can also be a give-away during special occasions like birthdays, weddings or special events together with its fancy containers or sometimes in a box. Well, you don’t need to wait anyways for any events to have one since you can buy yourself your own macaron. To start it up and have a good experience with Macaron, you must know where best to buy it!

Where to find the best macaron?

Located at the 3rd Floor of Ayala Center Cebu is Macaron 5. They are actually a new store that just opened here in the metro and has now starting to touch the hearts of the locals and coming from other countries who are specifically more into sweets. They had their grand opening last July 20, 2019 and it was to my joy that we got to be invited during the event.

Macaron 5 Store

Having the opportunity to taste all the flavors of their macarons was heaven! They do have 9 flavors of macarons that you can choose from so need not to worry about options here. Among 9 flavors, there was one flavor that did catch my heart for it, the Passion Fruit flavored macaron. It tastes so good and I could really see myself coming back for this.

One good thing about Macaron 5 is how their macarons are all prepared. Despite having many flavors, all the ingredients come from natural flavors such as fresh fruits which makes it very unique among other macarons that you can find in the metro. It also comes with a two-tone color which makes it very cute and very appealing.

Macaron Flavors

Maca Flavors

Indulging with Macaron 5

Macaron 5 in Cebu is their first-ever branch in the Philippines. And knowing their taste by experience, I’m certain that they could make a big name in their industry and could expand other branches nationwide too in no time. So what are you waiting for? Get your piece of macaron now for as low as Php30.00 only. You could also have it with a cute mini box which can be very perfect as a gift and a pasalubong for your families and friends.

Maca Menu


LF Shoot

Macaron 5 is open daily from 10AM-9PM.
For more updates, feel free to ping Macaron 5 on their official Facebook Page or on their Instagram @macaron_five.

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