As someone who has been a fan of watching Boys Love Series, it has always been a dream to go to Thailand. Simply because of the want to experience their culture, tourism, and most especially their food. Unfortunately, I don’t have the documents yet with me needed to fly out of the country. That’s why the desire on wanting to try Thai Food has been hazy at first. So when I heard that there’s this Thai Street Food Stall that offers good Thai Food in Cebu, I was delighted! Introducing, Pad Thai Goong in Cebu.

Discovering Pad Thai Goong

The first time I heard of Pad Thai Goong is through Instagram. They are one of many brands here in Cebu that was a product of the pandemic. They operate in their mini store under the tree beside the streets of Cebu City with tables and chairs placed around. The setup is very unique which makes the Thai Street Food experience more memorable.

Pad Thai Goong

Pad Thai Goong is located in N. Escario corner A. Morales St. (near Golden Peak). They operate from 3:00 PM to 12 Midnight every Monday to Friday and 11:00 AM to 12 Midnight on Saturday and Sunday.

Pad Thai Goong has been famous because of its Pad Thai. Aside from Pad Thai, they also offer a wide variety of Thai food you can choose from. That includes Thailand’s Pork & Basil Stir-fry, Chicken in Coconut Milk, and the famous Mango Sticky Rice.

Pork and Basil - Pad Thai Goong

Chicken with Coconut Milk - Pad Thai Goong

mango Sticky Rice - Pad Thai Goong

Aside from these popular Thai Dishes, Pad Thai Goong also offers Fresh Spring Rolls, but if you want it fried you can also request them to do so. Thai Fried Chicken, Thai Fried Pork, and Thai Egg Salad are also dishes you can enjoy here as well all at a very reasonable price.

Crispy Spring Roll - Pad Thai Goong

Thai Fried Chicken - Pad Thai Goong

Egg Salad - Pad Thai Goong

During our visit, we also got to try one of the new additions to their menu, the Bagoong Rice. It also comes in a big serving which is perfect to share with your friend or if you’re that hungry, you can finish it all!

Bagoong Rice - Pad Thai Goong

And of course, Thailand wouldn’t be complete without having some Thai drinks. In Pad Thai Goong, they do offer Thai Milk Tea as well. Unfortunately, during our visit, we were not able to enjoy one as it wasn’t available at that time. In case you’re reading this, you might check it with them as well.

Overall experience in Pad Thai Goong was great! No need to fly to Thailand just to try your favorite Thai dishes because you can finally try them here just in Cebu. You can also message them on Instagram, @padthaigoongph, should you want to order their specialties and have them delivered to you.

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