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The denim fashion has been a cool trend since the 80’s up to the present. It even existed long time ago and has been worn by many of our parents since they were young. This fashion comes in many aspects and has always been useful to the social living of many people including us. And it just keeps
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Most of us Filipinos grew up to the idea that we should not starve ourselves and always get satisfied with what we eat. Even when we’re young, our parents and grandparents would always say “kaon ug daghan dong/dai“, which means eat a lot in Bisaya. That’s why we tend to eat as much as we can until we
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Turning on the radio early in the morning was one of the major things that Cebuanos usually do. It has been part of the culture and tradition that we have grown up to back when we were young and even still practiced by many up to the present. But we can’t deny the fact as well that many
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There has been a lot of things that have been stapled down to our culture since the old era up until the present – coffee. Coffee existed in our lives even before my existence. Started with milk as a child, we then jump into drinking cereal and chocolate drinks as we grow up. Part of getting old, we
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Filipinos, as they say, has always been active when it comes to all kinds of special occasions. Celebrating with those who are dear to us and inviting close friends over has already been a fundamental and has been a tradition in our way of living as well for the longest time. To enumerate it, we celebrate during birthdays,
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In the Northern Part of the Queen City of the South is a hidden paradise that most Cebuanos often go to during special occasions, beach get away, vacations and holidays. This paradise offers several activities and has served as one of the best go-to attractions in Cebu by many tourists may it be locals or those coming from
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