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Alongside time passing by, a lot of new changes have already happened in our tradition as Filipinos most especially to the new wave of consumers said to be the millennials. I remember back when I was in 3rd year high school, it was the first time that I heard about “milk tea” but never had the chance to
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I remember back when I was still a kid, my mother used to print a lot of our photos and put it in a photo album. Not only me, but I believe a lot of families of today’s young adults from my generation also does. Though that was a really long time ago, I could still remember doing
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The city has been my home for a long time now since I started college. Since then, the environment that I lived in has always been congested with traffic, noises, populated environment and a lot of big establishments. Back in 2017 was the time that I saw the beauty of Siargao Island in a film directed by Paul
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Cebu does have a lot of cafes that you can find anywhere. All serve coffee, pastries, and other delicacies. I have been to a lot of cafes in Cebu already and I can really say that each of them has their own touch of flavor. Ever heard of a Christian CafΓ©? Check this blog out. In the busy
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Summer is already in the Philippines and most of the people travel to other places to enjoy summer. Common things to do during summer is going to the beach for a swim and also chasing waterfalls which Cebu also offers and of course, take summer photos too! But have you ever thought of spending summer in the concrete
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Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort is one of the most popular beach resorts in Cebu. They are located in Buyong, Maribago Mactan Island PH, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015. This resort offers a luxurious experience and amazing activities to everyone, either you are staying in the resort or just there for a day tour. Aside from this, Bluewater Maribago is also
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10 thoughts on “Putting a twist to your normal cup of tea with Hebrews Shebrews”

  1. I started drinking milk tea way back 2014 . Until now I am a avid fan of milk tea. My first Hebrews Shebrews experience was last year at The Market by Sugbo Mercado in Mandaue. It was great that Hebrews Shebrews are expanding now in SM City Cebu. It is easy for me to grab their milk tea before I go home. I love your blog ! Super informative and I can relate to your story. I really missed my old favorites like butong, sago gulaman and taho. I am hoping HS will add some Filipino inspired drinks on their menu.

    Looking forward to your posts, Marco! Great job! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. I passed by SM last week and saw this one there. Thanks for this blog! Already now have an idea what to order πŸ™‚

  3. Good thing I saw this blog when I was searching for hebrews shebrews online haha. Went by their store yesterday and tried their strawberry matcha. We love it!

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