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As time flies fast, a lot of us would notice how Cebu got innovative and improve when it comes to many things. With this being said, we could not deny as well that with how fast Cebu develops, it also carries some disadvantages. With Cebu continuing to flourish, the battle with the city’s bad traffic also increases. We could see
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Shaka has been really popular when it comes to their pretty and healthy smoothie bowls. And for many people, especially those who have already traveled to Siargao where it’s usually known, this cafe is simply beautiful. I have also been there during my Siargao trip last year and the vibe is just amazing! Like imagine eating a healthy smoothie bowl
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We could see that from time to time, a lot of either small, local or big businesses pop up anywhere. And it’s just so amazing to see that in every business that would open, there would always be something unique about what they offer. Also, something that many could really look forward to. Recently, I got to try the new
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Cebu City really does have a lot of coffee shops. From the popular ones such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and many that you would know, and down to many newly opened coffee shops in the metro, spotting one should really be easy. As a content creator, and as someone who deeply cares about his Instagram (haha), a cafe with good
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As we start our adventures this 2020, we continue our quest in searching for new Instagrammable Cafes in Cebu City. While there are many cafes in the metro already, finding one should be easy! But in finding one, how the place looks should not be the only thing but the food should also highly be considered. Recently, we got the
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When we say Instagrammable spots, these does not only limit to beaches and resorts. Not even to malls and parks only. And if you’re someone like me who usually do Instagram most of the time, and don’t have that enough time to travel, choosing an Instagrammable Spot in the metro would be a great idea! I haven’t traveled so much
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