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Street foods have been part of many Filipino’s lives for many years. Even I have got it with me since I was young. I could still recall that every time we’d go the public market, or go to church on Sundays, we’d always stop by on the street food stalls you would see around. And even these years,
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Surely all of us have been staying in our homes for quite some time now since the pandemic happened. And that does not only apply for people like us who live here in Cebu City but for all places that have been affected by COVID-19. For four months now and counting, Cebu City has been placed for quarantine
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Summertime and the sunny season is finally over. And now we slowly enter the rainy season. As we all know, the month of August marks the start of the rainy season not only here in Cebu but in some parts of the country. And this moving forward counts most of the days too until the late ber-months. As
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As you have noticed while the quarantine continues to go on, a lot of new, unique and amazing businesses grow up. There are many foods new to your eyes, and there are also some that you might have seen already even before the pandemic. And as we continue with our food chronicles during this quarantine, we now try
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It’s been quite some time now since Cebu has been put into quarantine because of COVID-19. That counts some places in the province of Cebu and other cities too. Not to mention, this also goes the same with other places in the Philippines. For us who live here in Cebu City, there’s no assurance yet as to how
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As someone who was raised from a household that loves cooking, I was introduced to lumpia from a very young age. That’s why until now, I love lumpia that much. Of course, the famous one would be the shanghai lumpia. But because of the creativity of our fellow Filipinos, the lumpia evolution did not stop there. There now
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