Many of us most especially here in the Philippines are known to be food hunters. Let’s say Cebuanos for example. Every time there would be something new that looks good on social media, we always make it up to the point that we see it for ourselves. Of course, imagine seeing a pizza or a burger topped with melting cheese, who wouldn’t crave and want to try it right?

I, together with my friends, also do the same. Like every time we would scroll on Facebook or Instagram, a lot of new stuff keeps on showing. So recently, one of my friends recommended this pizza place in the next town – Big Bro Pizza & Diners.

Discovering Big Bro Pizza & Diners in Cebu

I have always been a fan of burgers for a long time. Either cheap burgers or those monster burgers that you can find in the market, mini-stores or some fancy restaurants, I would always love to try it. Not only burgers but also pizza, with thin crusting, please. Haha. 😅

Well, going back. When Roneth and Ella told me and Aldrin about this pizza shop located in the next town, we didn’t have second thoughts of saying yes. Of course, getting to try a new variant of pizza would be awesome! So as I heard that there are also burgers here, my excitement was doubled! 🙌💯

Big Bro Pizza & Diners is located in J&J Residences in Punta Princesa, Labangon, Cebu. This has already been opened for almost 11 months serving a wide range of pizza options and burgers. Spotting this place wouldn’t be hard for many since they have a big name on their facade.

Big Bro Pizza and Diners

Getting to Big Bro Pizza and Diner

There are several ways of going to Big Bro Pizza and Diner. See the options below.

BY JEEPNEY. If you’re coming somewhere from the city, you would just need to look for a jeepney that passes by Punta Princesa in Labangon. All jeepneys with signboard number 12 should pass by there. Just tell the driver to drop you off in Punta. From there, you would see San Jose Bakeshop. Just walk straight around that area, and you’ll find Big Bro Pizza and Diner.

BY TAXI. I wouldn’t suggest a taxi though since you might pay big if the driver is not familiar with the place. But anyway, you could give it a try though.

BY GRAB. If you’re coming with your friends or you prefer going there alone and not familiar with the place, you might want to book a grab then. Just put Big Bro Pizza and Diner and that should be good.

BY ANGKAS. One of the most convenient transport that I loved. If you’re coming alone, then this option should work for you.

Tickle your taste buds at Big Bro Pizza & Diners in Cebu

As mentioned earlier, Big Bro Pizza and Diner does not only focus on serving good pizzas but also mouth-watering burgers. The serving is actually big and good! And is very affordable!! If you’re not sure which to order, you could ask for suggestions or recommendations from the owner, Sir Edmund, which is there all the time. He’s very friendly so don’t be shy! 😍

Let’s start off with their selection of pizza. Big Bro Pizza & Diner do have 15 flavors available in total. From these 15 winning flavors, we actually got to try three: (1) Mighty Pepperoni, (2) Beef Pepperoni, and (3) Big Bro’s Best.

Big Bro Pizza and Diners

Big Bro Pizza and Diners

Big Bro Pizza and Diners

All the pizza that we have tried was supremely good! Among the three, my favorite, for now, would the Big Bro’s Best. It was just so fulfilling and the ingredients used were too perfect to be together! You must try it!

I’m still looking at trying the other flavors next time, will keep you posted. 😍

Big Bro Pizza and Diners

Moving on, are you also a burger lover like me? If yes, then come to Big Bro Pizza and Diners for another ultimate burger experience! I assure you, adventurous foodies like us and true connoisseurs alike will surely enjoy their burgers especially their signature Big Bomb! Their Big Bomb already comes with fries and drinks.

Big Bro Pizza and Diners

Big Bro Pizza and Diners

Big Bro Pizza and Diners’ beef patties were so thick and juicy! They were also well seasoned! As far as I know, they have the biggest patty when it comes to burgers found in Labangon. But if you find it just very big for yourself, then you might want to order the regular burger or cheeseburger instead.

Big Bro Pizza and Diners

Big Bro Pizza and Diners

Big Bro Pizza and Diners ambiance as well was really good! It’s very cozy and the interior of the place is minimalist. Also, if you happen to be near the area, you might wanna check out 🐼 foodpanda since they are also there. 🙌

Take a look at the menu posted below for future references.

Big Bro Pizza and Diners

Big Bro Pizza and Diners

Best time to visit: Any time in the afternoon or at night.

Big Bro Pizza and Diners

So what are you waiting for? Invite your friends now and be ready to fill your stomachs at Big Bro Pizza and Diners! 😍

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday | 2 PM to 12 Midnight

Location: J&J Residences, Punta Princesa, Labangon, Cebu City

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