Summertime and the sunny season is finally over. And now we slowly enter the rainy season. As we all know, the month of August marks the start of the rainy season not only here in Cebu but in some parts of the country. And this moving forward counts most of the days too until the late ber-months. As the rainy season hits the calendar, it’s also the perfect time to enjoy some Filipino comfort foods perfect for the weather. Many would prefer soup during this season. But there are also many who prefers some local dishes that would boost up your appetite.

Recently, I got to try some of my old-time favorite comfort food during the rainy season. Well, it can also be enjoyed in any season though but it’s just so timely for the weather lately. So two of these are some local dishes you would normally hear and the other one is a rare find that you can find here in Cebu. And this time around, let me introduce to you PARES Republik.

PARES Republik’s Great Selections of Food

PARES Republik is one of the new local food businesses that also started this quarantine. Their main kitchen is located in Banawa, Cebu City, and does operate from Monday to Saturday. As of now, they do have three main specialties and are up for grabs at a very affordable price. And these goods are just so perfect as I kept on saying earlier for this cold weather.

So what do they offer?

PARES Republik’s specialties are Garlic Shrimps, Beef Kare-Kare, and Beef Pares. You might have already tried Garlic Shrimps and Beef Kare-Kare countless times but I’m sure that for some, Beef Pares doesn’t ring a bell. I got to try these products just a few days ago and I just want to share with you what you would get to experience if you come to try these versions from PARES Republik.

Garlic Shrimps

Let’s start with PARES Republik’s version of Garlic Shrimps. All of their products are placed in a disposable container and among all of them, the Garlic Shrimp won the battle of scents. The moment I opened the container of the Garlic Shrimps, it then oozed with the smell of fresh shrimp. It smelled so good and it brought me home. It smelled like the one I used to enjoy when I still used to live with my family when I was young.

PARES Republik

The Garlic Shrimps came with some buttered corn and some cuts of sausages making the food better. And I just loved that the shrimp was really juicy and was rich in flavor. I just wished the shrimps were a bit bigger than this one but it was okay since it was plenty too!

PARES Republik Price: Php 120

Beef Kare-Kare

I have tried several Beef Kare-Kare here in Cebu from different restaurants and I was not really a fan of it not until I got to try this one from PARES Republik! One of the best so far in Cebu! Their Kare-Kare is so good! The beef was tender and rich! The sauce was creamy and a flavourful peanut one too! And yes, just like the normal Kare-Kare, this one from PARES Republik also comes with eggplant, bok choy, string beans, and bagoong that makes it perfect. I also loved that their bagoong was not greasy. It just got the right amount of saltiness. One cup of rice won’t be enough so prepare extra rice for this!

PARES Republik Price: Php 120

PARES Republik

PARES Republik

Beef Pares

Now we get to the highlight of the show, the Beef Pares. Some of you might not be familiar with Beef Pares as this can’t be usually seen here in Cebu City. This is not new to me though since I’ve got to enjoy this a lot way back in my hometown, Laguna. And I just got so excited when I heard that PARES Republik got this on their sleeves.

PARES Republik

Beef Pares is pretty popular in the sidestreet stalls of Metro Manila. It is served as a budget combo meal that is perfect to pair with garlic fried rice. For many in Manila and in my hometown, it usually comes with a clear soup broth that’s why they are called Pares. For PARES Republik, it doesn’t come with a soup broth but the Beef alone was already perfect! It has a combination of a sweet and salty thick sauce. And just as how the beef should be, the meat was perfectly tender. We got to eat a lot of rice too! One of my all-time favorites! 💯

PARES Republik

I commend PARES Republik for their Beef Pares and together with their Kare-Kare. Both were so good and so authentic! 💯

PARES Republik Price: Php 99 (so affordable!)

Ongoing Promo

PARES Republik also has an ongoing promo right now. For every 2 purchases of their main dishes, you get a free dessert! It’s either you get 1 tub of their mango tapioca or their banana flan.

PARES Republik

That’s it! I must say that these foods were all made to perfection and just in time for the cold weather we’re having right now. As of now, these are the only dishes that PARES Republik got on their menu. But don’t worry as they will soon add more dishes that would surely ignite your senses. ❤️

2 thoughts on “Authentic Beef Pares in Cebu City only from PARES Republik”

  1. I got hungry while seeing the pics and reading your insights for each dishes. I am not an avid fan of Kare kare because it is not very popular in Cebu, but my relatives from Manila really loves it. If I have to chance to try it in Pares Republik, I’m surely want to try it out! The beef pares sounds interesting, is it simialr to beef steak? The food is very afforable as well! I love reading this blog from you again, Marco! hoping to read more new food reviews on your blog! Keep it up! ❤️❤️❤️

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