One of many things that have already been practiced by many since a long time ago is having coffee. Many would prefer starting up the day with coffee and there are many who also prefer to have it any time of the day.  There might be some people who are not into coffee but many surely do. And part of those many is me.

As I have mentioned in a blog that I wrote before, coffee is a beverage with a lot of potential and diversity. So to start getting into it, you must choose the right place to be in. While looking for new coffee shops in the metro, I happen to pass by this very white coffee shop near the place I stayed in weeks ago. I remember a few months back when I was searching for an Instagram-worthy place in Cebu, a blogger that I follow mentioned about this minimalist coffee shop – Purveyor Coffee.


Discovering Purveyor Coffee

I have only heard about this coffee shop from mutual and close friends. And to finally see it in person the first time around, it was very inviting! Sadly, the first time that I passed by Purveyor Coffee, I was very busy so I didn’t have the time to drop by. So this time around, I brought my friend with me to come back at Purveyor Coffee and finally try their cup.


To make it easier for everyone, Purveyor Coffee is located just at the back of Sampaguita Suites near Mango Avenue.

They are open from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


About Purveyor Coffee

The time we visited Purveyor Coffee, we were then greeted by two of their very friendly staffs. And with me being there for the first time, I was so glad to talk with one of their girl baristas in the area about Purveyor Coffee.

Purveyor means provider. And with the name itself, Purveyor Coffeeprovider of coffee, they surely provide good and quality coffee for everyone! Purveyor Coffee opened its doors to the public last March 22 of this year. Started with two friends from Cebu and Manila who have loved coffee and have always wanted to have their own coffee business, Purveyor Coffee was then established.

Purveyor is part of the third wave coffee. And speaking of coffee beans, their beans are from the farm of Excelso in Colombia. These beans are smooth and balanced, low in acidity, velvety body, chocolatey, nutty and buttery.


Purveyor Coffee is not a shop that only caters coffee but they also serve sandwiches, brownies, and cookies. If you’re planning to visit Purveyor Coffee, you must try their White and Brown Cold Brew which we had. Some of my friends who have also been here said that their Black Cold Brew is also good! I’ll give it a try on my next visit.


If you’re also planning to pair it up with something, you could also give their Ham & Cheese sandwich a try. It’s so good as well! We were planning to also order their Banana Nutella Sandwich when we visited, but unfortunately, it was not available.


I also salute Purveyor Coffee for having the heart in supporting our local entrepreneurs. And as mentioned earlier, they also served sweets like brownies and cookies which are all made by Cebu local start-ups. It’s very affordable so you should also give it a try!

For the full list of menu, please refer to the photo below.



You could also see some of Purveyor Coffee’s cute merchandises just around the corner. Don’t worry since this area couldn’t be missed easily since it’s very visible to everyone. So if you’re planning to give someone a gift, you might want to consider getting one from Purveyor.


Overall Experience

Purveyor Coffee does have a really relaxing ambiance and even very Instagram-worthy. From the coffee and food, interiors, and music, comfort really is in this place. And with this, I could really see myself going back here. Talking about internet connection, they also have a good one! So if you’re planning to visit here and needs something to be done, then you’re good to go.


For more updates and inquiries, follow them on their socials @thepurveyorcoffee on Instagram and Purveyor Coffee on Facebook.

Operating Hours

Monday – Saturday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: CLOSED

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  1. i noticed this cafe the last we went to Sampaguita Suites. It’s very clean! will drop by next time. Thanks for the recommendation marco …

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