Surely all of us have been staying in our homes for quite some time now since the pandemic happened. And that does not only apply for people like us who live here in Cebu City but for all places that have been affected by COVID-19. For four months now and counting, Cebu City has been placed for quarantine with many people not expecting it would take this long.

When the quarantine started to go on, many of us have found it challenging to keep ourselves occupied especially with the free time we’ve been getting. Routines have changed drastically for everyone. Even I, who used to be outdoors most of the time, at first have always been thinking about how I can be productive.

So right now, I’m writing this blog because I thought that it would be nice to share with you all the things that I’ve been doing at home during all these times. Hopefully, some of what I do can inspire someone out there to also keep themselves busy, entertained, and be productive whilst staying at home.


Things I’ve Been Doing to Keep Myself Busy During Quarantine Season

1. Binge-watching Series

Since the quarantine started, I have been binge-watching series on Netflix and some that can be found on Youtube. This is something that I don’t usually do as normally on weekends, I would go to coffee shops or chill somewhere and chitchat with friends. 😂

So what series have I been watching?

I didn’t stick to watching English series this quarantine season. Of course, just like the old times, I decided to watch K-dramas. Haha. I started with Crash Landing On You! Most of my friends told me to watch it because it’s good. And as they say, it really was! I felt kilig and shed tears for this series just like the majority.

Crash Landing On You

Aside from this, I have also spent most of my time watching Thai BL Series! And I must say that I was really hooked up with this one. If I can recall I could finish one series in a day or two just because it’s good and so kilig!! 😭

BL Series

If you would ask me for suggestions, there would be so many of them! I recommend you watch some of my favorites and let’s take it from there: 😍😍

2. Trying Out New Good Treats from Cebu Local Businesses

With many businesses including malls and restaurants being closed during this quarantine comes the birth of many local businesses. And as I noticed, these startups have been introducing new and unique specialties that you wouldn’t normally see around. Or for some, you would see them daily but these new businesses decided to put a twist on it.


And because I’ve just been staying at home, I can’t unsee these new goods popping up everywhere whenever I open my social media accounts. And it’s always making me drool!! 🤤 That’s why I have already made it a habit to try a product that is new to me from time to time. In that little way, at least we can help our fellow Cebuanos too who are managing these businesses online. 💯

Check out some of our great finds from Cebu Local Businesses here: Must Try Favorites this Quarantine Season

3. Established a Food Account on Instagram

Instagram has been a part of my daily routine for quite some time now. And with this quarantine going on, I stumbled to good food photos in my gallery that hasn’t been posted. Simply because I don’t like it to mess up with my feed. Haha. But if you ask me if I love food, my answer would be a big YES! 😂


So I came to a realization that since I love food, why not I create an account where I can venture my food photos on? That’s when Chibugan Kini happened. The idea of Chibugan Kini came from, of course, Chibuano Kini. I made it somehow similar so that people would know that yes it’s still Chibuano Kini. “Chibugan” came from the Tagalog word “chibog” which simply means food or eating time. This is commonly heard during informal Filipino parties and gatherings. And “Kini“, a Bisaya term which means “this“. So it generally says “This is eating time“.


Aldrin is also helping me out with this account. And now with Chibugan Kini, our food counterpart, these food photos can give people an idea of what and where they can enjoy amazing foods here in Cebu. And since I have also been trying out foods from new startups already, I decided to post it all here and also do honest reviews. At least in that way, we can get people to know the expectations whenever they get that product! 😍

For food reviews and recommendations, check out my Food Instagram account guys and follow us too as it would be a great help! Let’s share moments there through good food, @chibugankini. 😍🍽️

4. Work from Home

Like that of many people, I stayed at home when the quarantine started. And as someone who works in a BPO Industry, we do know that it’s crucial and confidential to get the work done outside the office. I was even doubting if we would either still have our jobs and take the risk of going to the office every night amidst the pandemic or be given a chance to work from our own homes.

I’ve been working in this company for more than a year now and I must say that this is the easiest job that I had for years. Though this job belongs to the BPO industry, we don’t do calls and chats. It’s kinda more on product research that makes it manageable. And luckily, all of us in our company was given the chance to continue doing our jobs while staying at home at the same time. And for many of us who didn’t have an internet connection, we were given prepaid wifis so we can continue to go on. 🙏🙏🙏

5. Keeping myself good with Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise

I’m not really that type of person who cares about how I look. I don’t even give exercise importance even way back before the quarantine started. Haha. It’s because I just do what I do. I work, I eat, and I sleep. Those were my routines during normal weekdays before the pandemic happened. And on weekends, I would either just chill at a coffee shop, have a food trip, or travel somewhere I can reach. I even eat anything even if it’s unhealthy just to satisfy my cravings. And that even continued to happen in the first month of quarantine. Well, nothing’s actually wrong with that right? 😂


But as the quarantine continued to go on, I noticed while looking at my photos, in the mirror, or do videos, that I already gained so much weight. Some of my outfits even fit so tight already. My belly even looks so bad! That was the time I came to realize that I need to get back to a fitter version of myself. This is where my “Quarantine Balik Alindog” program started. 🥳

Getting back to a healthier and fitter you takes dedication and discipline to make it work! Many have been asking too as to how I did it. This would be a long discussion that’s why I’ll be making a different blog of my fitness journey very soon. Stay tuned!! 😍


We’re not sure yet how and when this pandemic will be over in our country. But we are hoping that there will come the time that everything would be back to normal just like how the other countries did it. So for now, just be sure to move around your house, eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, and exercise regularly! In that way, we can keep ourselves healthy against COVID-19. 😍


So how about you? How have you been coping up with yourselves this entire quarantine season? Feel free to share what you do in the comment section down below. 😍

32 thoughts on “What I’ve been Getting Up To During This Quarantine Season”

  1. Congratulations on your Instagram food account! All of the food looks very yummy!

    Also, your Quarantine Balik Alindog Program inspires me to do the same. I can’t wait for your upcoming post about your exercise routines and other things that help you lose weight and become healthier. Keep on sharing, you are inspiring all of us! 🙂

  2. I am beyond proud to see such progress despite of this pandemic we have. Losing weight is one of the most strenuous thing to do. You made it way too far! I am so proud of you! Keep doing on what you are doing now. I am just here looking at you in a distance while you keep on soaring higher and higher. ☺️

  3. Wow. nice sad nga idea. e bisaya lang nako para klaro gyud nga cebuano ko hahah. Qusrantine Balik Alindog pwede sad nako ni buhaton ba 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your Chibugan Kini launch, Marco. You have my cheers on your fitness journey, too. Consistency is key, Marco. You can do it!!! 🙂

    I’m also into quite a few of things during the quarantine. My training didn’t stop even during the quarantine. Even if I couldn’t run on the road, I made sure to do some cardio drills at home. With the GCQ, I’m happy that I could at least do a few laps (hamster running) around the neighborhood. 🙂

    On weekdays after WFH, I keep practicing my Kalimba and keyboard. The quarantine also made me do DJ Loonyo dance covers with friends (HAHA), and rekindle my love for chibi arts. The quarantine is also the perfect time for me to check off remaining books in my to-read list before the next book haul. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your fitness journey! Due to quarantine, my movement is limited and I can’t do regular exercise because of my work and also doing some hobbies on my free time. Now I started my workout routine recently this month and I am excited to see some results. I hope I can reach similar results from yours. The quarantine session is also a good session to start something new for ourselves! 😍😍😍😍

  6. Been doing these things except for having a business lol, but i do support local biz esp food business. Will definitely visit your instragram account!

  7. Perst of all, ganahan kos food photos nga naa ako book! HAHAHAHAH
    Segundo, lahi ra ang imong road to oppa weight loss!
    Ikatulo, imo chibugan logo pinakalit nga kalami cebu ug imong blog header kay aldrincore branding! Keep it up!

  8. will follow your IG. Food is life!
    it’s also good to know you were able to get a good result from your fitness journey. Sana all ra ko ani. I used to join Spartan race but wala na ko naka exercise for real jed. Quarantine days for me is all about being lazy. lol
    good luck on your fitness journey and may you have more ig followers.

  9. Congratulation on all the things you have done so far despite the global pandemic. Coronavirus really hit us long and hard. But seeing you and maybe some other people, doing things in a positive mindset really does the work on taking this negativity with so much happiness and energy.

    Well, I am really wondering why Boys Love (BL) film is a thing now when in fact it has been going on years ago. I am not sure if it is considered one but since I used to follow Mario Maurer after I have watched his romantic comedy-drama film, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” I’ve learned about his other movie “Love of Siam” opposite Thai actor and singer, Pitch. (Honestly, I need to search his real name, Witwisit Hiranyawongkul, on the Internet because Thai names are just tongue twisters.) It was Maurer’s first-ever movie and it won them awards. But I am thinking if gay-themed films are the same as BL films. I mean, what are their similarities and difference by BL films category was created if, in fact, it has a ‘gay’ theme on them.

    Next, Instagram. I am already managing three and I really don’t mind about my following on Instagram, to be honest about it. But I really wanted to make a growth of my social presence on that platform. I am not into OOTDs or whatnot. I don’t even have photos of myself that much on my @skiptheflip account, at all. Anyway, your food account makes me hungry.

    And, wow on losing weight! I want to lose weight! Hahaha. I mean, who doesn’t. But it’s so contradictory to your new food Instagram account. Hahaha. Nice read, by the way. More of like this on your next blog entry.

    1. Yas BL has been there for many years but I’ve just been a hard fan this quarantine haha. And for the fitness journey, it was kinda hard at first especially with the food. haha just enjoying it in moderation. Haha thanks Flip! 😊😊

  10. I can’t help but gaze in awe for doing this: food blog and fitness journey. I just can’t do it myself, Marco. You’ve done yourself an awesome quarantine journey right there.

  11. You really did great and made Quarantine extra meaningful. I know it’s kinda hard to workhard and achieve that healthy and fit body of yours right now. Please maintain it and never waste your effort 🙂

  12. Maka proud ang healthy living oy! I’m really not into a lot of Asian dramas though so I’m always on YouTube. Hehe. I’m wondering how you are able to try out a lot of food while keeping in shape. Hehe.

  13. I love the way how you’re spending your quarantine season. It’s productive while still able to find time to watch series and do exercise. Also, loving your Instagram… just looking at the photos, I feel like I’m in heavens charoot haha looking forward to more Chibugan Kini photos promoting new local food startups.

  14. The quarantine period is a roller coaster for me, honestly. As a frontliner, I have been in different places in Cebu City responding and training Emergency Rescue Teams in 10 barangays. I am glad that you found something good during this quarantine period. Thank you for staying at home, as well. Your food photos is something I am drooling about. Nice one!

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