It’s been five months now where we here in Cebu has been in quarantine. And with the amount of time that we got to stay at home also comes the experience of trying out different specialties from new local businesses. Hundreds of food businesses have been raised since the quarantine started. And today, we continue our food chronicles with our quarantine favorites.

A month ago, I published a blog of our quarantine favorites. That having said, I did promise that a second part will surely happen. And without further ado, here comes the continuation of the best finds that you should check out this quarantine while staying at home.

Quarantine Favorites from Cebu Local Businesses – Part 2

There’s many more to this but this is just a summary and a continuation of what I would highly recommend to you guys. Be advised that these are listed on random order.

1.) Sugbo Bistro

Starting our line up with a feast of flavors from Sugbo Bistro. Sugbo Bistro is known for its boodle packages which servings are so big. Not only that its serving is big, but it’s very affordable too! And yes, their food is so good! That’s why if you’re looking for food good for sharing, this would be perfect!


Their Seafood Overload is one to try too! It’s made up of Shrimps, Scallops, Crabs, Squid, Sausage, Corn, Potatoes, and their spiced garlic butter sauce. I must say they didn’t come to disappoint. Their Seafood Overload was oozing with real goodness!! The Shrimps were juicy and the sizes were fair. The Scallops smelled and tasted so fresh!! The Squid was good, it was big, chewy, and yes, not rubbery. This tray comes with two crabs too which meat was so fat and tasty!! Plus, their sauce made it perfect.


For other boodle packages and their other dishes, do check out their socials.

Facebook: Sugbo Bistro
Instagram: @sugbobistro

2.) Santa Claus Food

With us being in the ber-months now, we can’t help but get excited about the Christmas Season. And just timely for the upcoming holidays would be the selection of dishes from Santa Claus Food. If I’m not mistaken, Santa Claus Food just started it’s business this quarantine too. And just recently, we got to try their Patatim and I want to commend it for being so good!

Patatim may be new or not for many but this one from Santa Claus Food is one to try!! 💯 Aside that it’s very affordable, the portion is so big too which is indeed perfect for sharing on any occasion. Their patatim is so tender and so juicy. Plus, the sauce was perfect! 💯


Aside from Patatim, you might wanna check out other Filipino-favorites on their socials too! You’d surely love it. 🤎

Facebook: Santaclaus Food
Instagram: @santaclausfood

3.) Seabu

One of my long time favorites from Sugbo Mercado is Seabu. And I’m just so happy that they’re very active, up and running on their social media. So need not to worry about going to Sugbo Mercado now as you can just place your favorite seafood dishes from Seabu from the comforts of your home by hitting them a message!


Favorite dishes from Seabu: Cheesy Scallops & Fish Fillet

Facebook: Seabu
Instagram: @seabuph

4.) Street Bites

Street Bites is one of many shops in Cebu that specializes on the famous Thai food, mango sticky rice. It’s only available for Php79 per tub that comes with their sticky rice, slices of mango, and their winner coconut creamy sauce. And when I say winner, I do mean it. Their coconut creamy sauce made this dish perfect!! 💯


Facebook: Street Bites
Instagram: @streetbitesph

5.) Buchi Cebu

Introducing a new touch to one of our favorite snacks, Buchi, is Buchi Cebu. If you’re looking at trying a new twist to the classic of flavor, this is the place to go. I’ve been eating Buchi for a long time already but this is actually the first time I got to try flavored ones. At first, I thought it would be kinda weird but ugh it’s just so good!!


We got three variants: (1) Ube, (2) Yema Cheese & (3) Coffee

You get to have your Buchis delivered warm which means it’s freshly cooked!! The size of each Buchi is also bigger than the normal ones in fast food chains and it’s a lot better and it’s not even oily. My fave would be the coffee flavor.

Facebook: Buchi Cebu
Instagram: @buchi_cebu

6.) Chicken Poppers (Chef Joshua’s Kitchen)

On our previous Quarantine Favorites, we have mentioned Chef Joshua’s Kitchen for their good cheesecake. And this time around, I wanna share with you guys their Chicken Poppers. Their chicken poppers is the newest addition to their menu and yes, it’s indeed one to try! The cuts were fair, the chicken was tender and goes well with their flavors.


It’s available in five flavors for only Php85/cup: Original with Sriracha Mayo, Original w/ Honey Mustard, Soy Honey Garlic, Garlic Parmesan & Spicy Gochuchang Glaze

Facebook: Chef Joshua’s Kitchen
Instagram: @chefjoshuakitchen

7.) Sprocketeer Cafe

Sprocketeer Cafe has been in the business for quite some time now and they have been one of our favorite go-to cafes even when the pandemic was still nowhere to be found. Their foods are just so good and so affordable. They’re also up and running on GrabFood and food panda.


Read about Sprocketeer Cafe here.

Recently, Sprocketeer Cafe also introduced the newest flavor of their chicken poppers, Salted Egg Chicken Poppers. You might as well wanna check it out.


Facebook: Sprocketeer Cafe
Instagram: @sprocketeercafe

8.) Power

If you could still remember, we have mentioned Power on our previous blog but I would still want to include them today for their latest limited edition product in collaboration with, their VEGAN PULLED PORK BAOS. Right now, this product is not available anymore, but who knows, they might give it a go some other time. Follow them on their socials to be updated.😉


Power has been known for their healthy treats. So if you’re looking for healthy options, this is a perfect match for you.

Instagram: @power.phl

9.) The Black Plate Ph

Another shop that offers healthy options would be The Black Plate Ph. If I’m not mistaken, I believe most or almost all of their products are meatless. So if you wanna be a vegetarian and want to enjoy it on a good dish, then give this one a try.


Got to try their Shrimp and Tofu Pad Thai because of @foodsofcebu. And yes, it’s totally good. The noodles were gluten-free and as you can see, the serving is huge!

Facebook: The Black Plate PH
Instagram: @theblackplateph

10.) At My Kitchen

At My Kitchen is also making it up in the business with their home-made specialties. From some local dishes and up to some desserts, you can find it here. They also offer party platters if I’m not mistaken.


We got to try some of their products this quarantine: Sisig, Cinnamon Rolls, and Oreo Cheesecake. Their cinnamon roll is the best! The cinnamon rolls were so soft and were filled and oozing with cinnamon goodness!! Not to mention, they were also very generous with the amount of cream in this treat. And yes, the smell is heaven! Must try!


Facebook: At My Kitchen
Instagram: @atmykitchen_ph

11.) Thé Demitasse

Thé Demitasse has also been one of the talks in town because of their unique and one of a kind coffee bags. To be the only shop here in Cebu that offers Ready-to-drink Coffee & Tea in a Bag is what makes them different. And not only that, they have a wide range of options when it comes to coffee too! 😍


For non-coffee lovers, you can still enjoy The Demitasse with their non-coffee based products like Chocolate and Matcha.

Favorites: Rude, Lore, Fomo

Facebook: Thé Demitasse
Instagram: @the.demitasse

12.) The Green Elixer (The Coffee Mobile)

We have also included The Coffee Mobile previously and I want to highlight one of their newest drinks in this blog too. Recently, they launched their Green Elixer which is basically made up of Matcha & Breve Milk. This is perfect for matcha-lovers who are looking for a good matcha drink at a very affordable price. Get this for Php 100 only.


Facebook: The Coffee Mobile
Instagram: @thecoffeemobile

Sweets and Pastries

If you noticed, we haven’t mentioned a lot of sweets and pastries earlier not until this part. Simply because I want them to be lined up together today so it won’t be hard for you to look them up. 😍 So below is the continuation of our favorites but now, belonging to the sweets and pastries category.

13.) Monkey Muffins

Make some noise to all our muffin lovers out there as here comes Monkey Muffins. 🤎 Monkey Muffins’ specialties would of course be their muffins. We got to try two of their flavors this quarantine: Banana Chocolate Chip & Banana Chocolate Chip with Walnuts. And I must say that their muffins are to live for! So good!


Both flavors were good. They were perfectly soft and the chocolate chips were oozing with goodness! The one with the walnuts leveled up the game too. Recently, they also introduced a bigger version of their muffin, so you might as well check it out.

Facebook: Monkey Muffins
Instagram: @monkey.muffins

14.) Cecilia’s Bakery-Cebu 

If you’re a fan of pastel but want a twist to the classic one, you should check out Cecilia’s Bakery. Cecilia’s Bakery is the only one so far that I know that offers Dragon Fruit Pastel here in Cebu. Yes, you heard it right, a dragon fruit pastel! It was a first for us too so we didn’t have any expectations before trying it but let me tell you, it’s good!


This Dragon Fruit Pastel from Cecilias Bakery was soft and was fully loaded with Dragon Fruit filling. The flavor was so rich too and is perfect for a snack.

Facebook: Cecilia’s Bakery-Cebu
Instagram: @ceciliasbakerycebu

15.) Jean Marie Cookies

I have heard of Jean Marie Cookies from my friend who reviews all about cookies, @cookiecut.critic. And it was a very good thing I gave their cookies a try. These gourmet cookies from Jean Marie are so good! As for their original flavors, the sizes come in fair ones. And as for their new flavor, NY Style Cookies, it’s bigger than usual.


Favorites: NY Style Cookie, Red Velvet, Walnut Cookies

Facebook: Jean Marie Cookies
Instagram: @jeanmariecookiesph

16.) Cookie Bites by Angel 

Another shop that specializes in cookies would be Cookie Bites by Angel. Cookie Bites by Angel’s cookies also have a different touch for me. Their cookies are not too sweet giving space for each cookie flavor to be highlighted. Their cookies are super affordable too!


Aside from cookie, their Red Velvet Stuffed Cupcake is also one to try! Just looking at the picture, you can already tell how good it is! 🤤


Facebook: Cookie Bites by A N G E L
Instagram: @cookiebitesbyangel

17.) Gooey Chewy Yummy

The name itself speaks for its food. The cookies from Gooey Chewy Yummy are indeed gooey, chewy, and yummy! Every time someone would ask me about “melt-in-your-mouth” cookie, Gooey Chewy Yummy would always come first as their cookie just fits perfectly to thy question.


As of now, they offer three flavors: Gooey Chocolatey, Gooey Wally Nutty, Gooey Oatty. Favorite would be the Gooey Wally Nutty.

Facebook: Gooey, Chewy, Yummy
Instagram: @gooeychewyyummy

18.) Quarantreats

If you’re a fan of Chocolate Chip cookies and would want to enjoy it to the fullest, Quarantreats got you. As far as I know, Quarantreats got the lowest price when it comes to cookies. Guess what? A box of 24 is only Php 280!


If you’re worried about the quality of the cookies if it’s good or not because it’s super affordable, don’t worry because these cookies are good! They are soft, chewy, chunky, and loaded with chocolates too!

Instagram: @quarantreats

19.) Milléri

Milléri is also known to have very good cookies. As for Milléri, it was also suggested by my friend for me to try. They have a wide selection of cookies and I chose to try their Espresso Speculoos Cookie. What I loved about this cookie would be its softness and how chewy it is. Talking about sweetness level, it was perfectly balanced. Not too sweet but just right. Of course, a hint of coffee would not be missed too!


Aside from cookies, you might as well check out their Blackout Brownies. These blackout brownies can be enjoyed in 4 variants: Maldon Seasalt Brownies, Nutella Hazelnut Brownies, Peanut Butter Brownies, Biscotti Brownies


The brownies alone were good, soft, and got that dark and addictive flavor. It was made much stronger with each flavor and I must say that it’s totally different too from other brownies around the metro.

Facebook: Milléri

20.) Guache Bakery

Another variety of good cookies would be from Guache Bakery. They are located in Talisay City, Cebu and also deliver to Cebu City. They started with 2 cookie flavors, Astra (Chocolate Chunk & Walnut) and Oscuro (Double Dark Chocolate). And just recently, they also launched their third flavor, Gaea (Matcha Milk Chocolate Pecan)


Guache would always remind me of their packaging. It’s just so creative and unique! Didn’t have the chance to take a photo of it because we ate the cookies right away when we got it. Haha. Will probably share it here if I got to order some other time.

Facebook: Guache Cookie Bakery
Instagram: @guachebakery

21.) Something Sweet

From the name itself, you can tell that this next treat would be something sweet. If you’re looking for some good creamy, melt-in-your-mouth cheesecakes, Something Sweet got your back.


Their cheesecake can be enjoyed in three sizes: Solo, BFF, Fam. And you can enjoy it in different flavors. Either something berryish or something chocolatey. As for us, we got to try their Kitkat Cheesecake and it was so good! 🤤💯

Check their other flavors on their socials:
Facebook: Something Sweet
Instagram: @smthng.sweet

22.) Sanflour

Of course, this blog would not be completed without adding any brownies on the list. If you’re looking for some good classic brownies, you might as well check Sanflour. Their brownies are so pretty and not only that, it’s so soft and it smelled so good! It was also chocolatey and the sweetness level was just right. Not that sweet and not that bitter. We can say in between. 💯


Their packaging is so pretty too which can be perfectly in for the coming Holiday Season soon.

Facebook: Sanflourcebu
Instagram: @sanflourcebu

23.) The Three Whisketeers

The Three Whisketeers also prides itself on their mouth-watering brownies. If you’re seeking for some good and new variety of brownies, I would highly suggest you add The Three Whisketeers on your options.


You can choose from 8 brownie flavors including their cream cheese series.

Their red velvet was good. Their Classic Fudge too is a must-try! If I have a phrase to describe it, it would be a “Melt-in-your-mouth” brownie. It was so soft and so moist and the moment you eat it, heaven!! Couldn’t stop eating this 😂 Reminds me of a brownie from my childhood, just forgot where I got to try something similar to this.


Might as well try their California Maki Sushi Bake (let me insert it here). It’s made up of Classic Kani, Carrots, Cucumber, Mango Combination, and their homemade mayo with a hint of cheese. So loaded!

Facebook: The Three Whisketeers

24.) Baked by Kimmy

Baked by Kimmy recently started its operations and is now ready to take orders. And I’m just so happy to try out some of their goodies recenlty. If I’m not mistaken, I think they have three products at the moment: Mochis, Lamington Cake, and Pizookie.


Their mochis, as you can see, are so pretty. Not only that it’s pretty, it’s also loaded with real good mangoes. Best enjoyed it when of course, chilled. I would also want to commend their pizookie which is loaded with chocolate. If you are someone who’s jam is chocolate chip cookie, and might wanna see it on a different form, then this would be perfect for you.


Facebook: Baked by Kimmy
Instagram: @bakedbykimmy

25.) Don’s Kitchen Food Concession Services

Making it up with another version of Ube Cheese Pandesal would be Don’s Kitchen Food Concession Services. I know most of us have tried different variants of ube pandesal here in Cebu but I must say that this ube pandesal from Don’s Kitchen is also one to try. Their pandesal was soft, loaded with real good ube halaya filling and of course, cheese. What differs them from other shops would be their Cream Cheese Frosting. Just tastes so good!


Also sharing with you all one of their newest specialty, Chocolate Baked Cheese Pandesal w/ Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting. If you’re wondering how this pandesal tastes like, it’s a chocolate-flavored pandesal with cheese & chocolate filling. Never thought that chocolate could also go well with cheese until I got to try Don’s. This would remind you of that choco lanay donut in (Kawasan Falls) Badian but on a very upgraded level using premium & quality ingredients. Must try!

Facebook: Don’s Kitchen Food Concession Services
Instagram: @donsest2016

26.) Kermit’s

And we are ending our list with Bantayan Island’s famous Kermit’s. They have been pretty popular with their Brazo de Mercedes and now, they are already taking orders back again in Cebu City by October 1.


Aside from the classic Brazo de Mercedes, their Frozen Ube Brazo is also a must-try! Also available in Frozen Brazo Plain. Best eaten when chilled.

Facebook: Kermit’s Cebu
Instagram: @kermits2000


So that’s it! Thank you so much mga bai and mga fellow ka Chibuanos for reading. If you got some favorites from the foods that we mentioned, feel free to comment it down below. If you also have some good recommendations, just leave it at our comment section or reach us on our food account, @chibugankini

This might be the last part of our quarantine favorites for the meantime as we are quite busy with work now as we are nearing to the new normal. But don’t worry as we will still continue to post good food and reviews on our Instagram account. 🤗


Next food blog: Foods Timely for the Christmas Season

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  1. Among the 26 quarantine favorites, I will the Patatim of Santa Claus Foods because it was so goooooddd!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗 Looking forward to your Part 3 blog for this! Good Job! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    1. Yes! That Patatim from Santa Claus Food is really good jud and super perf for Christmas. btw, might not add a part 3 na but will do another type of food content next time 😍🤩❤️

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