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Not all of us have been given a chance to learn how to create our own baked goods. Simply because this takes a lot of effort and even money when it comes to buying our own tools. Cakes, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and the like are not that easy to make without the proper guidance. But worry no more
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People from the South don’t need to worry about traveling to the city to enjoy some good coffee. There are plenty of options now with coffee shops in the South that offer good quality coffee like the popular ones in the metro. As we continue to visit and try cafes here in Cebu, we found this simple, aesthetic,
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It’s once again the most awaited and celebrated season of the year, Christmas. And with Christmas coming up, people might consider what specialties they could serve on their tables. With the yuletide season around the corner also comes the thought of preparing some desserts to be shared with everyone. And need not worry now as J.Co, one of
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Egg drop Sandwich has been pretty popular on social media recently. It is a popular Korean egg sandwich made with fluffy scrambled eggs, ham, or bacon and cheese in a semi-toasted brioche. And because this has been popular already, different shops have made their own twists of an egg drop sandwich. That’s why it now comes in different
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Megaworld,  the country’s largest operator of homegrown hotel brands and a pioneering township developer is set to open a big door to everyone within the growing and vibrant communities of the Mactan Newtown in Cebu. With the bustling and continued growth in Cebu regarding leisure, this could be the next thing you’ll see yourself in. The Mactan Newtown
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Ato Kini! A bisaya phrase which means, “this is for us!”. This is for everyone who has supported Chibuano Kini and Chibugan Kini throughout the years. This is for all the national and local brands who trusted us in the past three years. And this is for all Cebu Local Businesses who supported and who believed in what
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