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Hotdog sandwiches haven’t really been seen in most areas of Cebu. That’s why, when you say good hotdogs, one could still wonder where they could get good ones aside from popular convenience stores and fast food chains in Cebu. When in Cebu and if you’re craving a good and affordable hotdog sandwich, there’s this store that comes to
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Cebu has always had a lot to offer when it comes to different cuisines. And now, as our quest continues to find good food to try, we bring you to Lapu-Lapu City in Cebu. While there are a lot of restaurants to try in Cebu City, people could still wonder where and which they should head over if
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Cebu has always been a place where people usually visit to enjoy a lot of things. Whether it be for food, the mountains, the beach, and other tourist attractions that you might know. And now, as travel restrictions have been lifted and eased up, travelers might wonder which and where they should stay over. With many options to
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Cebu has always been booming when it comes to Instagram-worthy cafes. When you’re in Cebu, finding a cafe is not that hard. If you’re into a minimalist one, there sure are many to choose from. But how about for people who’s wanting to chill in a Bali-type, summer and island vibe cafe? Well, worry no more as you
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It is not every time that you get to try some good Asian food. If someone craves one, they would have to go to a restaurant that offers some Asian food. But the thing is, it’s kinda expensive! That’s why, when we heard that there’s this store that offers some Vietnamese staples in Cebu, we immediately plan to
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Coffee shops in Metro Cebu can now be easily found. Anybody who wants to enjoy a sip of coffee can now have easy access whenever they want. With coffee shops scattered across the city, one could wonder what would be something new they could try. As the quest continues to discover more coffee shops that offer a good
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