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It is not every time that you get to try some good Asian food. If someone craves one, they would have to go to a restaurant that offers some Asian food. But the thing is, it’s kinda expensive! That’s why, when we heard that there’s this store that offers some Vietnamese staples in Cebu, we immediately plan to
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Coffee shops in Metro Cebu can now be easily found. Anybody who wants to enjoy a sip of coffee can now have easy access whenever they want. With coffee shops scattered across the city, one could wonder what would be something new they could try. As the quest continues to discover more coffee shops that offer a good
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It is not every time that you find a really good place to eat anywhere. A place that offers good food, Instagram-worthy, and a nice place to catch up with friends. Some may have good food but the ambiance isn’t nice, some may also have a really good ambiance but doesn’t match with good food. With the quest
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Akasya Cafe
It sure feels nice to have a nearby coffee shop from your home. While coffee shops and cafes in Cebu are found in Cebu City, people from the South and North still need to travel to enjoy a good cup of coffee. That’s why when we heard that there’s a new coffee shop in Talisay, our excitement was
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This month of February, the number 1 fast-food chain is making playtimes more exciting as they introduced their new Jolly Kiddie Meal — JolliBots. This is a new set of toys that features their Jollibee mascots but is now a robot-themed idea! It comes in a set of 5 and collecting them is surely easy as it truly
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Netflix has always been the go-to place for people who seek good movies to watch. A place where you can watch and chill with your loved ones, friends and family. Not only movies but also series, k-dramas, animes, and many more. With me belonging to this group of people who do so and as someone who loves food,
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