It’s been quite some time now since Cebu has been put into quarantine because of COVID-19. That counts some places in the province of Cebu and other cities too. Not to mention, this also goes the same with other places in the Philippines. For us who live here in Cebu City, there’s no assurance yet as to how and when this pandemic would end as cases continue to soar high rather than go down. But have you ever thought of how it would be like when this pandemic is nearly over? Have you ever thought of how would you adjust to the new normal as they say?

Preparation for the New Normal

We all know that when the new normal comes, it wouldn’t be the same as how our lives used to be before the pandemic happened. There would be safety measures already that will be implemented that include social distancing and other stuff that you would know. Once the new normal would take place, the public transport suspension will be fully lifted and somehow all businesses will be reopened. The swing of things may have somewhat resumed but we must also be careful as COVID-19 pandemic still looms.

While other countries like Thailand is now in the new normal, we would see that all of the folks going outside do still wear face masks. And as we all know, we would still continue to do it as well when we step in the new normal. Not only that, but I have also noticed that many citizens not only from Thailand but also here in our country have been wearing these face shields and some fancy eyepieces for additional protection. There I knew that we could still be fashionable even if we step in the new normal.

As a content creator and as someone who loves to dress up when going out, I have been thinking as to how I would rock my OOTD when the normal comes. And seeing some fashion content creators and celebrities slaying their new normal OOTD’s, I then got some ideas especially with those eyepieces they are wearing! Good thing, I discovered Shady Find Cebu.

Discovering Shady Find Cebu

Shady Find Cebu is a new business that recently opened in Cebu when the quarantine started. The business started with these two pretty owners with the same vision and got a passion for fashion. The good thing as well that many have started to love with Shady Find Cebu is that their products are very affordable! Not to mention, they don’t only focus on the basic styles and colors that you can easily find but they got a lot of unique ones to choose from as well.

Shady Find

So if you’re someone who’s thinking of how should you slay your OOTD when the new normal comes and at the same time be protected, then Shady Find Cebu got you!

New Normal with Shady Find Cebu

Of course, we’re not going to talk about this without us experiencing the beauty of Shady Find Cebu. I actually got myself two eyepieces from Shady Find. The first one is the Hamptons and the second one which is my favorite, Olympus.

Shady Find Cebu

What I loved about these colors is that they are very neat! It’s also transparent that makes your beauty still be shown while being protected. It’s very easy to pair up with any OOTD’s too especially the Olympus as its color is very versatile. But if you don’t feel like showing your face, don’t worry because they also have other styles available with full shade.

Shady Find Cebu

Shady Find Cebu

I also got the opportunity to talk with one of the owners as to how they came up with the name “Shady Find Cebu“. As aforementioned, they came up with the name based on a person’s attribute. But definitely they are not shady at all, he added.

Shady Find Cebu dreamt of making the business big soon. Though there’s no definite answer yet if Shady Find Cebu will have a physical store, it was mentioned that they will venture more into something they really love which is fashion. So who knows, maybe when the pandemic is really over, we can expect more fashionable products coming from them.

As for now, you can check them and their beautiful designs on their social media account. Inquiries and orders are placed through their online platforms as well such as Instagram and Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Adjusting to the New Normal with Shady Find Cebu”

  1. I hope this pandemic crisis will be resolved, so we can go back to our normal lives with extra precaution too because of the new normal protocol. Thankfully, there are brilliant solutions to cascade fashion trends even if it’s so hard for us to wear our face protection like face mask or face shield in public. I really love those transparent one because I prefer more simple and still iconic. I want to grab one soon! Great blog! ♥️♥️❤️🙌

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