From burgers, pasta, sweets, and pastries, we are now jumping to try something new that we haven’t tried before. Cebu City really does have a lot when it comes to food. From Filipino Cuisines to Thai, American, and others that you would know. But with the cuisines that I have mentioned, there’s also this one cuisine that I’ve been really curious about, the Lebanese cuisine. Also curious how it tastes like?

The Lebanese cuisine is something that is not really talked about when it comes to must-try foods here in Cebu. With foods popping up from left and right, this is something I felt that people should also try to discover. Simply because most of the dishes from the Lebanese cuisine are good and rich in spices. Not only that, but they are also very healthy! And as we continue with our food chronicles here in Cebu, we are taking you to the best spot to enjoy this cuisine – Shawarma Gourmet – Cebu.

Discovering Shawarma Gourmet – Cebu

Shawarma Gourmet – Cebu is located in Escario Central Mall, Cebu City. This is actually the first time too I’ve been to this Lebanese Restaurant. And upon entering Shawarma Gourmet, we were then welcomed with the smiling faces of the staff and the owner itself.


The ambiance in Shawarma Gourmet is also very good. It’s very cozy and it’s indeed very colorful! The patterns of their interior are also so cute. So if you’re someone who is a foodie, and at the same time an Instagram person, then this could be your jam.

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Getting to Shawarma Gourmet – Cebu 

Getting to Shawarma Gourmet is easy peasy! See options below.

BY PRIVATE CAR. If you do have your own private car, just drive yourself up to Escario Central Mall in Escario, Cebu City. If you’re not familiar with the place, you could navigate using Google Maps or Waze. Parking spaces are also available.

BY TAXI. Taxis are visible anywhere in Cebu City and getting one wouldn’t be a problem. Just tell the driver to drop you off in Escario Central Mall. In the event that your taxi driver is not familiar with Escario Central Mall, let him know that it’s the one on the other highway of Jollibee Escario.

BY GRAB. GrabCar is also now operating in Cebu City. I suggest you use this if you don’t want any hassle as maps are always present with almost all Grab drivers. GrabCar only accepts cashless payments so be sure to have funds with your GrabPay upon booking.

Dishes to try at Shawarma Gourmet – Cebu

Shawarma Gourmet does have a wide range of affordable food options. And these that I’ll be sharing with you all are the dishes that we have tried. Some might be new to you and this was new to us too. But I’m pretty sure you’ll also love them as much as we do!


Cheese Sambousek

Their Cheese Sambousek is part of their appetizers and can be served either in 3 pieces or 6 pieces. It comes with their Garlic Sauce which complimented well the flavor of the Sambousek. As someone who does love cheese so much, I must say that this was one of the best that I had at Shawarma Gourmet! Just looking at the photo, you can already tell how cheesy it is!


It is also available in Beef Sambousek if you want to try a different variant. Their Beef Sambousek was pretty good too! It was loaded with ground beef and some spices. Both Cheese and Beef Sambousek is a must-try! Don’t miss this out on your visit.

Manakish (Pizza)

To all our pizza lovers out there, Shawarma Gourmet also got not just one, but plenty of them to choose from! And I just love that their selection of pizza was so good and so healthy! It comes with a not so thick crust which we loved as this would highlight more the flavors of the toppings. Speaking of toppings, there was plenty of it too. Super worth it!





All of the pizza was recommendable but there’s this one flavor that stood out the most. The Zataar (Thyme and Oregano). This flavor is something that you wouldn’t normally see around but can be ordered easily at Shawarma Gourmet.


I suggest you eat both slices together forming a sandwich as the cheese part of the pizza compliments really well with the other black part. Must-try! 💯


Another healthy find in Shawarma Gourmet would be their selection of Salads. Their salads can be enjoyed in 4 variants and what you can see below would be the Watermelon Salad with Feta & Labneh.


For the other options, you can refer to the menu somewhere down below.

Shawarma Wrap

And of course, we wouldn’t miss the product found on Shawarma Gourmet’s name, their Shawarma Wraps. This has been one of the most loaded shawarma wraps that I got to try here in Cebu and indeed one of the best too!


Can be enjoyed in three varieties: (1) Chicken, (2) Beef, (3) Beef/Chicken/Falafel

For big groups, I believe that their Shawarma Bites platter is coming up soon too! It comes with the sliced version of the Shawarma Wraps and it comes with their fries. You may save the photo reference below and ask if it’s already available on your visit if you want it.


Arabic Desserts

And to satisfy your sweet tooth also comes Shawarma Gourmet’s Arabic Desserts. During our visit, we got to try one of their desserts named Baklava. I have heard the word “Baklava” before during our food trip in Baguio as we got to try a dessert named Baklava Cheesecake. But this time around, it was a bit different and it was pretty good too!


Aside from these dishes that I have mentioned, more value meals will be coming up soon! For updates about new products and promos, you can follow Shawarma Gourmet’s socials on Facebook and on Instagram.



See the menu below for references.



Wanting to try these dishes but don’t have the time to go out? Worry no more as Shawarma Gourmet can also be found in GrabFood. If it is still not covered in your GrabFood radius, you can also send them a message on their Facebook Page as they do have their own delivery as well.

You can also reach them and enjoy FREE Delivery from December 20, 2020 until January 31, 2021 within Cebu City for a minimum order of Php 500 via call or text through these numbers: 032 4120166 or 09954567648

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