We are now once more back in the quest of finding new Instagrammable cafes here in Cebu. Who would have even thought that even if there’s a pandemic going on, there would still be new Instagrammable spots that you can find in the metro? And one of that would be Tamp Cafe & Co. which we recently visited.

Discovering Tamp Cafe & Co.

Tamp Cafe & Co. recently opened a few months ago. As far as I heard, this cafe is a sister company of Tazza Cafe and Patisserie, which is also known for its cozy ambiance and good food.

It was on a Sunday morning when Aldrin and I decided to visit Tamp Cafe as we were aiming for a not-so-crowded visit. We got in when Tamp Cafe opened for operations but it was then jampacked with customers real quick! That just shows how many Cebuanos started to love this cafe.


The cafe is mostly colored in white with touches of some plants and some ornaments. Making this cafe a minimalist one, it truly is Instagram-worthy! Even the facade was beautiful!

Getting to Tamp Cafe & Co.

Operating hours: 9:30 AM to 9:00 PM daily

By Private Car. If you do have your own car, I suggest you use Google Maps or Waze to be guided correctly. It is located at No. 12 President Aguinaldo St., Kasambagan, Cebu City (at the back of Kima Glass and Cheeva Spa).

By Taxi. Taxis are everywhere in Cebu now so getting one should be easy. We also got ourselves a taxi during our visit but used Google Maps as we were also not familiar with the place.

By Grabcar. The most convenient way would be booking yourself a grab. Grabcar is now functional in Cebu and only accepts payments via GrabPay. So be sure to tap up your GrabPay before booking one.

Gastronomic adventure at Tamp Cafe & Co.

Upon coming to Tamp Cafe, I have already seen some photos of their food through social media. That’s why when I came here, I already knew what I wanted. As I’m a big fan of cheesy sandwiches, I decided to go for their Angus Beef Cheesesteak.


ANGUS BEEF CHEESESTEAK. This heavenly dish is made up of Grilled White Bread, Angus Beef Strips, Caramelized Onions, and Mozarella. This would be the perfect choice for people who is a fan of cheesy sandwiches. It also comes with some really good potato chips. MUST-TRY! 💯


BACON ALFREDO. This is one of Tamp Cafe’s pasta choices. Bacon Alfredo is made up of pasta with bacon and mushroom in a creamy parmesan white sauce. The serving was actually big but I can’t say I was a fan of this dish. It was creamy though but during our visit, I could taste and remember more the Italian Seasoning rather than the creaminess itself. Maybe they added too much. 😅


COFFEE CLOUD LATTE. Of course, a cafe visit wouldn’t be complete without having some good coffee! Coffee Cloud Latte is one of Tamp Signature Drinks, and it indeed is excellent! It got a smooth texture, strong but creamy flavor. MUST-TRY! I’d definitely get one again some other time. 😍💯


CAFE LATTE. Tamp Cafe’s Cafe Latte is also good and affordable! It was also strong and the flavor was really nice. If you’re not sure which coffee should you get from their menu, then you could go for this one.


For other food options, you can refer to the menu posted below.



Overall experience with Tamp Cafe & Co. was good! Super loved the ambiance even if it was crowded during our visit. The foods were undeniably delicious too and the serving and price are worthy. Indeed a good value for money. 💯

Have you ever been to Tamp Cafe & Co.? What was your favorite dish from them? Do share it with us in the comment section below so we can give it a try next time.

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