As we know, Cebu City and its neighboring cities have always been surprising us with the rise of Instagrammable cafes. A long way back when the pandemic was still nowhere to be found, there were a lot of them already. And with us staying at our homes during the entire quarantine, we come to discover that there are still several Instagram-worthy cafes that we haven’t visited yet. And one of the cafes that we have been to recently is TastyKreme MilkTea and Gourmet House.

Discovering TastyKreme MilkTea and Gourmet House

TastyKreme MilkTea and Gourmet House opened its doors to the public around August of this year. It is located at 88th Avenue Cebu, a few walk away from IT Park. If you’re not that familiar with it, it is just beside Crossroads. Bringing a touch of elegance and luxury, this place should be your next stop.


I haven’t really heard about them until one of my friends, Sammy, invited me to come with him. And I’m just so glad to have been invited as this cafe was just really relaxing. The ambiance here is perfect too if you’re also looking for a place to chill. From the interiors, choice of tables, and kitchenware, everything was beautifully selected.




Feast of Ube at TastyKreme MilkTea and Gourmet House

Not only that this cafe is a pretty one but they also have a wide selection of options when it comes to their food. From some Pinoy dishes, coffee, sweets, and up to pastries, there surely is a lot in store for you. And as for us, we got to have a feast of Ube dishes during our visit. So if you’re someone who’s also into Ube, this blog can be prettily dedicated to you. πŸ€—


UBE CHAMPORADO WITH CHICKEN FLOSS. Champorado has always and will always be on top of the Filipino favorites. And with TastyKreme, they got a twist on the trendy Ube Champorado by sprinkling it with some chicken floss on top of it which turned out pretty good! It comes in a bowl that I felt can be shared by two people.

Price: Php 215.00


PEACH UBE RAVIOLI. For those who don’t know, Ravioli is another type of pasta enveloped in thin pasta dough. In TastyKreme, their Ravioli is filled with a combination of Ube and a little bit of Chicken Floss. It comes in a heart-like shape and was also served with some sauce.

Price: Php 365.00Β 


PURPLE SWEET POTATO RICE CAKE.Β Rice cake is really popular for some as an afternoon snack or sometimes enjoyed for breakfast. I usually enjoy these at Chinese restaurants and I was surprised that it can be enjoyed too in Ube Flavor!

Price: Php 200.00


UBE LOVE CHEESECAKE.Β One of the best selling cakes of TastyKreme is their Ube Love Cheesecake. If you’re a fan of cheesecakes, you should put this on your to-try-list. Must-try! Aside from Ube Love Cheesecake, they also have other cake flavors to choose from.

Price: Php 140.00


UBE KREME DELIGHT. I have been a fan of Chocolate Decadence Cakes and this time around, we got to try a different flavor.Β  Get to enjoy an Ube Flavored Dream Cake here at TastyKreme for Php 455.00/tincake.


PURPLE LAVENDER. A macaron is not that new to many and you can also find one from TastyKreme. I just felt that the one from TastyKreme was not that soft as the good ones that we’ve tried around Cebu. It gave us that crunchy bite experience instead of the melt-in-your-mouth touch. But it was still good though.

Price: Php 50.00/piece


UBE LASAGNA KREME. TastyKreme’s best-selling product is their Ube Lasagna Kreme. Basically an ice-cream with some unique based. I just so love that this ice cream was so flavorful and was so rich with Ube flavor. More of an upgraded flavor with the ones that you can easily find around.

Price: Php 285.00


Aside from Ube, you can also enjoy their ice cream on other flavors like Tiramisu, Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango, Berry, Blueberry, and Matcha Pistachio.

MILK TEA.Β From the cafe name itself, milk tea wouldn’t be missed from their menu. What we’re having here is their Taro Kreme Tea and their Taro Cheesecake Tea. I just felt that it was a bit bland for me. Maybe it’s because of the sugar level? It would have been nice if they have sugar level selection as sweetness level do really differ from one person to another.

Price: Php 108 – Php 130 (depending on the size)


PIZZA. As mentioned earlier, TastyKreme does have many options when it comes to their food. And we’re not ending this blog with only Ube Dishes as they also serve pizza! You can enjoy their pizza in four flavors: Margarita, Classic Hawaiian, Salted Egg Yolk Seafood, Traditional Marinara.

Price Range: Php 330 – Php 400


So that’s it! I hope this has given you an idea of what to expect and see if you do have the time to drop by at TastyKreme. There is still more of this when you get there. Might as well check their socials for timely updates.

Facebook: TastyKreme MilkTea and Gourmet House
Instagram: @tastykremegourmet

Operating Hours: 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM

18 thoughts on “Feast of Ube at TastyKreme MilkTea and Gourmet House”

  1. yaayyy!! I wanna visit there! So glad that they have lots of Ube variations to choose from. I prefer to visit their cafe in a daytime setting coz I wanna get a natural light effect If I’m going to shoot there for lifestyle content. Great blog! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  2. Ube is one of my favorites! I love to taste those sweets. I bet they are all delicious. Well, hoping for a zero-case Cebu this December so we could all enjoy what pandemic has prevented us to do.

  3. I know of someone I can bring here and I can just imagine her reaction. They surely have interesting Ube menus, but I love the interior of the place more. Hehehe. I was drawn more to it and it reminds me of a tiny but lit af cafe in Hong Kong.

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