Turning on the radio early in the morning was one of the major things that Cebuanos usually do. It has been part of the culture and tradition that we have grown up to back when we were young and even still practiced by many up to the present. But we can’t deny the fact as well that many would say radios are gone due to the enhancement of technology. With that being said, a lot of people has already stopped to fandom radio in the ratio of 3 to 10 and has invested more in the latest gadgets that have produced an improved quality of music.

Radio has played a very important role in our lives and has made a few parts of us as to what we are now. I remember back when I used to live in my grandparent’s house when I was still in elementary, the first thing that I hear in our living room early in the morning when I wake up would always be the sound of the radio. Even when my father used to drive us to school or whenever we go on road trips with the family, it would always be the radio that has always been played.

As many would believe that the radio industry now doesn’t touch the hearts of Filipinos anymore, I would say that there are still a lot who do so. Imagine taxi drivers, they have always been tuning their radios every day on their rides with or without passengers. Sari-sari stores and karinderyas, they also do as well. Even in barbershops, radios are still being tuned.  Imagine what impact does radio brings to these people in their daily lives.

Cebuanos are known to be happy people and have always been interesting in the trending Showbiz topics around us. Not only the latest topics in Cebu, but we even talk about happenings around the Philippines. Our love for showbiz is also one of our remarks as to why we are known as happy people. Showbiz news is just everywhere. Name it in all platforms of social media; Facebook, Instagram and most especially in Twitter. But what about those who don’t have time or those who are really not into social media? Then the radio might be perfect for you!

What radio to tune in?

Choosing what station to listen can be very confusing as there are already a lot of it in the industry. It will also boil down as to what kind of personality you have as an individual and what kind of content you are looking for to hear. But if you’re like us and the majority who really find Showbiz news very interesting, this page is just right for you!

Worry no more because one of the most trusted radio stations, has built credibility and earned the hearts of many Cebuano audiences around Cebu is right here for you – Energy FM 94.7. Energy FM 94.7 has always been in top in various radio surveys supervised in Cebu City and remains to be an absolute partner of the community for public news and information. Energy FM 94.7 is also known to be living their tagline by being a very energetic radio station that delivers a very lively entertainment to everyone to make sure you’ll not get bored into listening.


Last July 26, 2019, Energy FM 94.7 launched its newest segment to the press and media that all people who love Showbiz news would really be in – The Aida Patana Show. The Aida Patana Show will showcase the latest and interesting showbiz news around the Philippines that you should hear. Aired last July 27, 2019 on the whole radio industry, The Aida Patana Show is already set to grew audiences from employees, families listening from home and more active radio listeners around the region.


The Aida Patana Show will be aired also every Saturday at 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM which is just a perfect time for every families and friends to be at their home and chilling most likely on their rest days. The Aida Patana Show will be hosted by Ms. Aida Patana herself from M-Talents Events & Promotions together with other great personalities in Cebu – Adrian Diongzon, Crystal Aberasturi, Stephanie Lhui, Kiara Liane Wellington, Grasya Baquero, and Brad Chito.


It has been a great opportunity for me as well to have spoken with Ms. Aida Patana herself during the press conference which was held in the Energy FM 94.7 station where the magic happens. She mentioned that maybe she was made as an istrument by God to be an inspiration to everyone. In addition to that, she also want to help people, give them hope and might as well share her success story through radio broadcasting. I actually had fun talking to her though and her voice is so beautiful as she is. No wonder if this show would really make it to the top in no given time.

On top of that, aside from being a new DJ in the industry, she is also set to compete this coming October and would be our pride for the upcoming Mrs. World 2019 which will happen at Paris, France. That’s how amazing she is!


During the press conference, Carlos Agassi which is a Filipino actor was also there to invite everyone to listen to The Aida Patana Show and also interviewed Ms. Aida Patana herself. And a good news for everyone! It was also announced that they are giving away a trip to Hongkong for two sponsored by Hasty Feet Travel Nation.

To know more about the details as to how to win, don’t forget to tune in to Energy FM 94.7The Aida Patana Show which will be aired to fill your hearts out every Saturday from 11 AM to 12 PM.

7 thoughts on “Tuning in with The Aida Patana Show : Presscon and Launching by Energy FM 94.7”

  1. I grew up knowing that radio is still the best. Now in my 20s, I used to listen radio drama every weekend. I can relate to your story, I guess 90s kids can relate to your story. Another read-worth blog from you, Marco. Good job! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. She’s so pretty. I thought she was still a “miss” just right before I saw the Mrs. World. Best of luck to Aida!! 🙂

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